A New Life Chapter + A New Story

Let us help build your second floor master suite!

Outgrowing a starter home is a common homeowner challenge that Home ReBuilders sees regularly. When you first purchased your home, it was probably just right for you, your partner, and perhaps your pets or baby #1. However, as your family grows, the house that seemed “just right” a few years ago might be feeling pretty cramped. Rather than moving and leaving behind a neighborhood you’ve come to love, schools your children are comfortable in, and the community you call home, consider adding a second story!

Perano Stairs-Cupola72

A second story offers plenty of open space and breathing room.

Home ReBuilders’ team of design build professionals can create a home design that will meet the needs of your growing family. Your second story addition (or story and a half addition) could include a master suite addition for you to relax in after a long day, a guest room to welcome visitors and in-laws, kids’ bedrooms so they don’t have to share, an extra bathroom to save time and stress from toddlerhood through the teenage years, or a home office to keep everything organized. With just about double the square footage of your current home, the possibilities are endless! Best of all, adding a second story can often be a more affordable option than moving into a larger home. Custom homes and additions also give you the ability to create the home of your dreams – choosing bath fixtures, flooring surfaces, and lighting options that are truly your favorites.


A second story addition transformed this beautiful Morningside cottage.

Additions on houses can be stressful, and construction loans for home additions can be downright intimidating. That’s why Home ReBuilders guides each of our clients through the process from start-to-finish. Each one of our team members has one goal in mind: to make you feel comfortable and happy in your newly renovated home. From the architectural designer creating your schematics, to the remodeling contractor working on your home and managing the crew, to your account manager making it all happen on time and on budget –we believe in renovations scaled to suit your life. We’ll also point you in the right direction when it comes to financing options, outlining all the options available to you and recommending trusted lenders our clients have worked with before.


Relaxation and privacy await you and your partner in your second floor addition.

Finally, adding a second story to your home is a unique design challenge. It requires a thorough knowledge of home styles, engineering, and construction to make sure that your addition blends in seamlessly with your current home and neighborhood. With a team of architects, designers, and contractors all under one roof, Home ReBuilders is the turnkey solution for projects like a second story addition. Give us a call, and let us help you figure out whether going up vs. going out is right for your family!

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Can Your House Keep Up With Your Growing Family?

Growing family means lifestyles change – and so, too, must our homes. Regardless of which phase of life you’re in, Home Rebuilders’ remodeling contractors can make sure your home is working for you and your family.

For young, active kiddos: Just yesterday, they were babies – but now, they’re walking, climbing, exploring, and growing by the day. Many parents come to us seeking kid-friendly renovations: adding a playroom; renovating their basement to convert it into a kids’ area; or creating outdoor areas for dining, sports, or a swing set/playhouse. We can help you do all that and more, so your kids can tire themselves out in the comfort of your own home!


This Decatur attic conversion gives kids a place to play!

For messy kids: We can’t help your messy child (or spouse) become more organized, but we can help you stay sane while you try. Let Home ReBuilders create an entryway “catch-all” with custom shelving for backpacks, shoes, and lunch bags. We can even install a “command center” to keep track of errands and appointments. Our team of design professionals can also help create your own home office, so you can keep sticky hands and stray clutter out of your work zone.


This entry station keeps everything organized!

For the perpetually hungry teen: Why do some teenagers come home and tear through the kitchen as if they haven’t eaten all day? If you have a growing teen who eats a week’s worth of groceries in just a weekend, consider a kitchen renovation. We can build a custom pantry to keep your family’s favorite foods stocked. You could also renovate for more counter space and a larger fridge that will make meal prep easy. Finally, a breakfast nook encourages teens to spend time hanging out in the kitchen while they chow down, allowing for quality family time.


This Atlanta kitchen has plenty of prep space to host pizza night for a group of hungry teens!

For aging parents or in-laws: Caring for an older loved one can be a little daunting, especially with a small home. By converting your basement into an in-law suite, you can make sure that your parent or in-laws have a healthy amount of autonomy and privacy while also making sure they’re comfortably equipped with everything they need.

For YOU: While you’re taking care of the rest of the family, remember to take time for yourself! A bath remodel inspires relaxation and glamour in your morning routine or evening bath. Or, you could even do a master suite addition! We can also build a special room just for you! Consider an attic conversion or building a freestanding “chic shed” as your new craft room, man cave, reading nook, or painting studio.

No matter where you are in life, Home ReBuilders’ Atlanta design build team can help you make the most of it!

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Buying a Fixer-Upper

New Home, New Projects

Welcome home! You’ve signed the papers, gotten the keys, and now the home you’ve been dreaming of is all yours. As lovely as your new abode may be, most homeowners can think of a few projects that they’d like to tackle in their new space. If you’re like many homebuyers, you might have intentionally purchased a fixer-upper that needs a lot of work in hopes of taking on a cost-saving, dramatic whole house renovation. Whether your “to-fix” list is big or small, Home ReBuilders’ Atlanta design build team is here to help. Here are a few of the most common requests we hear from new homebuyers:


Transform the Bath

Peeling wallpaper, old grout, and 80’s-chic fixtures…is your new home’s bathroom a little less glamorous than you’d hoped for? A bath remodel can be a great way to pack a lot of impact into a small space and start life in your new home with a fresh slate. Today’s bathrooms are open and airy, with modern touches and thoughtfully designed storage that turn getting ready for the day into a relaxing experience. We can help you choose durable, high-quality materials that won’t break the bank and work with you to find custom solutions for your home’s layout.


Finish the Basement

Finishing your new basement is a great way to add value to your house while also creating more useable space for your family to enjoy. Let Home ReBuilders help you determine the right layout, flooring, paint colors, fixtures, lighting, and finishing touches for your dream basement. You could also consider an attic conversion to make the most of your home’s square footage and vertical space. If you’ve been debating about going up vs. going out when it comes to your home design, let our team show you how fun and economical it can be to finish out an existing attic or basement space!


Tear Down that Wall!

Older homes are notoriously closed-off. If your new home feels a little claustrophobic, consider opening up some walls to create a more natural flow. Imagine watching your little ones play in the living room while you cook dinner, or hosting a dozen guests for a dinner party in your expansive kitchen that spills over into the living room. Taking down walls is a major project that requires a trained professional, and Home ReBuilders’ team of remodeling contractors can handle the whole process – from permit approval to drywall disposal, and everything in between.

The best part about renovating your new home soon after you move into it is that you’ll have years – perhaps even decades – to enjoy and show off your customized space!


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Spring for Atlanta Porch Additions

Spring is Nature’s Way of Saying, “Let’s Party!”*

All over Atlanta, daffodils are blooming and pink flower buds are peeking through the tree branches. Spring is blooming, and with each day that passes, the nights get longer while the air turns warm and fragrant. In a few short months, Atlantans will flock to outdoor festivals and restaurant patios with kids in tow – but for many parents, wrangling the family for an outdoor excursion can be an expensive hassle. Instead, why not create your own outdoor oasis right at home? Home ReBuilders Atlanta design build team can help make it happen!



The owners of this traditional Buckhead home realized that screen porches blend the best of indoor and outdoor living!



Having an outdoor dining area at home is a life-changing renovation for so many reasons. If you have young children, you’re probably well aware of the challenges that can come with bringing the kids out to dinner. You might forget to bring the pacifier, so your little one will be restless during the entire excursion. Your toddler might decide to have a tantrum if his or her food doesn’t come out correctly, or your picky eater might struggle to find something on the menu that suits their tastes. An at-home outdoor dining area allows for the same special feeling of being at a restaurant, while saving some of the headaches that can come along with dining out.

If you’re an aspiring chef, an outdoor kitchen can give you a new outlet to showcase your culinary talents on the grill – or, if you’re more the type to relax while someone else does the cooking, we can help add some lounge areas or a hammock to your backyard. With expertise in designing, building, and landscaping outdoor projects, the Home ReBuilders team of Atlanta remodeling contractors are well-equipped to manage your porch additions and other outdoor dining areas from start to finish! We can also help add fun touches, such as an outdoor fireplace, custom lighting, an outdoor cooking prep space or bar area, and just about anything else you can imagine!

Even all these features can’t stop messy eaters and clumsy chefs – so perhaps the best part of an outdoor kitchen and dining area is being able to hose off the mess at the end of the meal!


*Quote from Robin Williams.

A Renovation for the Whole Family

Are you ready for a staycation every day? 

 What if you didn’t need a vacation to unwind? What if your favorite restaurant happened to be your own kitchen? What if relaxation and fun could be found in each moment of each day, in your own home? With a renovation, your Atlanta home can absolutely be a vacation spot. In fact, it can be one of the best vacation spots! Here are just a few ways you can transform your home into the most relaxing place around – and Home ReBuilders can help you make all of them a reality!


Revamp the Heart of the Home: Imagine having custom cabinets that actually fit your possessions (instead of forcing your belongings to fit into tight spaces!). How great would it be for your kids to have a homework station right in the kitchen, so can chat with them and help them while you cook dinner? What if you could host your friends and family for dinner parties, because you had enough room for everyone to gather? All of this is easily possible – and more! Whether your kitchen renovation is a standalone project or part of a whole house renovation, the end result will be a beautiful space where you can share food and memories with the whole family.

Get Your Grill: In Atlanta, patio season can start in March and last through October! When you can spend up to 2/3 of the year outside, it seems silly to not have outdoor dining and entertaining areas. You could add a grill to cook up burgers for the family, fun games like cornhole or a big fire pit to enjoy with friends, an outdoor TV to catch the big game, a built-in bar area for parties, or just about anything else you can dream up! Home ReBuilders’ design build team can create a rustic outdoor retreat, a cool urban oasis, or anything in between.5-Specialty-MorningsideExterior-4

Build a Home Movie Theater: Sometimes, the most relaxing way to spend an evening is snuggling with your partner while watching the newest episode of Westworld or catching up on House of Cards. With a home movie theater, you’ll get the ultimate indulgent experience – and family movie nights will never be the same! Let Home ReBuilders’ remodeling contractors handle all the details of your movie room: mounting your speakers, soundproofing, choosing the right finishes and lighting, and even installing multiple rows of seating, like a real movie theater! A home theater might just be so relaxing that you won’t mind watching Frozen or Finding Dory for the bajillionth time!

 We thrive on our clients’ creativity, so if there’s a dream project you’ve had in mind for awhile, give us a call! While there’s no substitute for taking a “real” vacation now and then, with the right touches, you’ll have everything you need to relax and make magical memories right at home.


Remodeling to Improve Daily Chaos

Parenthood: noun | par·ent·hood | \ˈper-ənt-ˌhu̇d\: An exhausting state of life when escaping for a few minutes of peace and quiet is a luxury.

 While it’s typically the smallest room in your home, your humble bathroom is responsible for some of the most critical parts for your day. The bathroom is where you get ready for work and prepare for a big presentation. It’s where you can enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet in the shower after a long day of wrangling the kids for errands and activities. It’s where we prepare the best versions of ourselves for the world to see – and it’s also where we shed our outer personas, cleaning off our makeup and hair products and spending some time with our natural selves. If you live in a busy, chaotic household with little ones leaving their toys and sticky fingers on every surface, a master bath might very well be the only place where you and your partner can truly retreat from the world. In that case, why not make your bathroom as relaxing, beautiful, and comfortable as possible?


A bath remodel – or a master suite addition – is a great way to create your very own oasis at home. If you’re already spending money on relaxation techniques like massages, spa visits, or yoga classes, a bath remodel could very well be a cost-saving measure over the long term! And if you’re not engaging in any of those relaxation techniques, then you might need a spa-like bathroom even more. Home ReBuilders’ team of design build experts can remodel your existing space or work on additions if needed. Because we guide clients through the entire process and use our own in-house designers, architects, and remodeling contractors, your home design will be completed without the miscommunications and delays that are unfortunately common in many renovation projects.


Here are just a few of the luxurious, indulgent, and totally worth-it projects that your bath remodel could include:

-Create a dual-sink vanity so you and your partner don’t have to fight for mirror or cabinet space

-Build a separate space (with a closing door!) for the toilet, keeping it away from from your bath and shower areas

-Install a huge soaker tub, perfect for relaxing in after a long day – or build a beautiful quartz bench in your shower for a moment of rest while you suds up

-Add a linen closet to create more storage and keep household essentials on-hand

-Incorporate luxurious touches – including beautiful floors, tile work, new fixtures, and even a steam shower, or additional shower nozzles!

Whether you’re envisioning your bathroom as an airy, open spa or a quirky retreat with charm and style, Home ReBuilders can help make the lowly bathroom your new favorite room!

Home Office: Making it Work

A recent survey* found that 80-90% of the U.S. workforce says they’d like to “telework,” or work from home, at least part time. Can you blame them? Working from home means no stressful commute, less money spent on gas and transportation, more family time, and a chance to structure your day the way you work best. Imagine being able to pick up your kids from school because you aren’t tied to an office, or having breakfast with your family because you aren’t rushing off to work. A home office means that you’ll be there for a lot of the little moments in your family’s lives, as well as the big ones.


A Morningside attic conversion resulted in a surprisingly airy, bright office space!

If you’ve been working from home – or thinking about it – let Home ReBuilders help build a home office that will inspire you and allow you to do your best work. While the obvious choice for a home office could be a spare bedroom, you might have other spaces that would work well – even if your home is small! Consider an attic conversion, which can transform a musty, small space into an edgy, modern hideaway. A ranch addition can provide all the space you need for filing cabinets, custom shelving, and a seating area. Or, a basement office can help muffle noise from the rest of the house if you need peace and quiet for your work.

Rather than just schlepping an old desk into a spare bedroom, let Home ReBuilders design a space that’s truly tailored for your work needs. Our in-house designers and architects can work with you to design an empowering and functional office, while our remodeling contractors will work to get the job done with as little disruption as possible to the rest of your home. With a designated home office space, you can take a more active role in your family’s life. When your dog has to go out in the middle of the day, you can take it for a walk. When your spouse wants to enjoy a relaxing evening together at home, you’ll be able to enjoy it without having to shake off the stress of work traffic first. When your child begins to take his or her first steps, you might be just steps away and able to witness that moment. We can help you be there for all of that and so much more. Make your work, work for you with a home office of your own!

* http://globalworkplaceanalytics.com/telecommuting-statistics 

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