Statement Ceilings

In the mid-1900s, textured ceilings were all the rage. Popcorn ceilings, drywall swirls, and some patterns that young homeowners might never have even heard of (orange peel, anyone?) are a standard feature in many older homes. Modern homeowners have such a disdain for this trend that in recent years, smooth ceilings have become the only acceptable option for many people. However, things are “looking up” when it comes to new ceiling trends! Home ReBuilders has noticed more and more clients becoming interested in statement ceilings done right.

Here are just a few of the ceiling features that our remodeling contractors can help you with:

Wood Paneled Ceilings

Perfect for creating a calming, nature-inspired atmosphere, wood paneled ceilings add warmth and character to just about any room in your home. They’re particularly suited for your at-home library, a unique kitchen, or any room with large windows that seem to spill out into nature.

Exposed Beams

This trend has become increasingly popular as shows like “Fixer Upper” show how to blend rustic farmhouse style with modern architectural features and décor. Exposed beams look fantastic in a large living room, any room with a vaulted ceiling, or a kitchen. Nowadays, realistic-looking faux beam solutions make this trend more affordable and attainable.

Tiled Ceilings

A tiled ceiling gives you the freedom to play with and showcase your own personal style in an unexpected way. Tin tiles impart a worldly, exotic vibe into a sitting or dining area, while marble tile can help envelop your bathroom in luxury from floor to ceiling as part of a bath remodel. Modern tile choices are lightweight and durable, making them the perfect choice for a playful home design.

Accent Color

The accent wall is a tried-and-true way to add a pop of color to your home – but the next big trend is a bold accent ceiling. With a few coats of paint, you can completely transform the look of your room. A jewel-toned ceiling with matching furniture is a smart way to impress guests and make your home feel like it truly reflects your style, without breaking the bank. Or, consider a pastel ceiling hue for a touch of whimsy and wonder in a new baby’s room.

Crown Molding

While crown molding is nothing new, it’s easy to overlook if you don’t already have it. Crown molding adds a touch of elegance and a high-end feel to your home, without the investment of a whole house renovation or larger project. If crown molding is a little too traditional for you, consider a natural wood hue rather than the typical white molding to add some warmth and dimension to your home.

Daunted by the idea of such a unique project, or not sure what will work best in your home? Home ReBuilders’ design build team can help guide you through the process and figure out what ceiling trend is best suited for you. However you choose to outfit your ceilings, you’ll be surprised by just how drastically you can transform a room’s look and feel by focusing on this one area. You can enhance the look with dramatic curtains that draw the eye upward, upgraded overhead light fixtures that play nicely with your new ceiling, and furniture and décor that complement your ceiling.

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Fixing Your Home Inspection Woes!

At long last, you’ve found your dream home! Everything about it screams “you!” – from the home design, to the location, to the beautiful fixtures and finishing touches. You wouldn’t dream of even changing a light fixture. This is the one! What could go wrong?

During your home inspection, plenty! Some houses that look perfect on the surface can have hidden issues lurking beneath. Unfortunately, this isn’t uncommon. In fact, once an inspector starts digging through each inch of your property, it’s surprising to not find any issues that need resolving. While some fixes are minor, many homebuyers uncover big issues when purchasing a new home – especially older homes. The good news is that Home ReBuilders has decades of experience working with homes of all ages and styles. We’ve found that most problems are solvable with a little bit of modern design build expertise – plus good, old-fashioned elbow grease! We’ve got plenty of both.

Once you get your inspection report, Home ReBuilders is here to help. Call us, email us, or take your report to Home ReBuilders and let us walk you through your options. Better yet, let us come out to your home, where you can show us the issues. We can discuss possible solutions, pricing, and timelines – and we’ll make sure that your new house is really the home of your dreams, from the inside-out! One of our experienced specialists will make sure that the renovation is as unobtrusive as possible and that your home will look just as good (if not better!) after we fix its “bones.”

Home ReBuilders knows how stressful the home inspection and purchase process can be, and the last thing we want to do is add to your worries. Renovation projects are notorious for being time-consuming and costly – but Home ReBuilders provides reliable, fairly priced work from a team you can trust. After all, we’ve been doing this for three decades! In fact, Atlanta Business Chronicle just named Home ReBuilders the second spot on their list of top Atlanta residential remodeling contractors! With state-of-the-art technical plans provided by our seasoned architects and designers, our experienced project managers, remodeling contractors, and carpenters will make sure your home has quality solutions that last.


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Atlanta Mudrooms

Mudrooms: Now With Less Mud!

A home’s entryway is an almost-universally chaotic space. Especially during the busy back-to-school season when your family is juggling carpool, extracurricular activities, and sports practices, your home’s entryway is prone to clutter, dirt, and general disorganization. While we might not be able to stop your kiddos from tracking dirt in on their soccer cleats, Home ReBuilders’ Atlanta design build team can create an entryway space that’s functional for you and your family!

A mudroom can be a lifesaver for busy parents, helping to create a designated home for backpacks, sports equipment, shoes, coats, and everyday essentials like grocery bags and dog leashes. For many families we’ve worked with, the addition of a mudroom solves a majority of their daily clutter issues. If your home doesn’t have a mudroom, Home ReBuilders’ design team can create one, either by building an addition onto your home or “borrowing” some space from a large garage. A knowledgeable Home ReBuilders remodeling contractor will handle all the necessary permits for an addition or for reconfiguring your home’s walls.

If you already have a mudroom and you’re still finding your entryway cluttered, let Home ReBuilders renovate it so that it truly serves your family’s
needs – just in time for the even busier fall entertaining season! We can creatively come up with ways to add more square footage to an existing mudroom – especially helpful if your family has grown over the last few years! Beyond just adding more space, our design build experts can add a big sink for muddy hands or a custom bathing area for your pet. Speaking of your pet, we can add built-in crates, as well as specialty shelving and hooks for all their food, treats, toys, and grooming items. We can also install easy-to-clean flooring to ensure that your daily maintenance is a breeze, plus built-in shelving for your stray bags, shoes, toys, and everything else!


Finally, if, despite your best efforts, your mudroom still becomes a little disorderly sometimes, we can help you keep messes out of sight by installing a large, stylish barn door that easily slides open and closed. Finally – an entryway that fools guests into thinking you’re as organized as you might wish you were!

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Remodeling Contractors Trading Out Window Pains

Trade Old Window Pains for New Window Panes


When many people think of home renovations, they might imagine exciting projects like a master suite addition, a finished basement, or a chef’s kitchen. While Home ReBuilders’ design build team is passionate about those types of remodels, there is another project that is overlooked by many homeowners in favor of more glamorous projects: window replacement. Because we look right through them without a second thought, windows are an area of the home that is easy to overlook. Here are just a few reasons why our remodeling contractors recommend window replacement as a smart renovation choice:

  1. Save on Heating and Cooling: Just in time for Atlanta’s sweltering summer days, window replacement can help save money and keep you cool! Top-notch modern dual-paned windows are about twice as effective as traditional windows when it comes to retaining heat and air conditioning. That means that you can stay comfortable at your ideal temperature year-round, while spending less on your power bill!
  2. Let the Sunshine In: Larger windows let in more natural sunlight and can make any room feel spacious and open. Plus, if you have great outdoor views – like a thriving garden, children playing in the backyard, or greenery and trees, larger windows can help you enjoy those views from the comfort of your home. In fact, a large window can even become the focal point of an entire room.
  3. Change It Up: Rather than having “just” a regular window, consider adding a bay window with a comfortable seating area. Bay windows offer panoramic views, architectural interest, and curb appeal. Plus they’re the perfect spot for a breakfast nook or a reading corner where you can curl up with a book.
  4. Invest in the Future: According to the National Association of Realtors’ 2016 Cost Versus Value study, homeowners typically get around 73% of their replacement window investment back when they sell a house, making new windows one of the savviest ways to stretch limited renovation dollars.

Home ReBuilders can help integrate new windows into the look and feel of your home design making it seem as though they’ve been there all along.

Ready to seize your window of opportunity and make the most of your home? Give us a call!

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Atlanta Investment Property

Tackling a Fixer-Upper Atlanta Investment Property

More than 90,000 people moved into Atlanta last year, making our city the ninth-most populated in the country. Atlanta’s growth is slated to keep pace in 2017 and beyond, especially with the success of new hangout spots like Ponce City Market, renowned chefs like Kevin Gillespie, booming breweries like Monday Night and Sweetwater, and local Atlanta gems like OK Café, The Varsity, and The Fox Theatre.

With so many people moving into town, and so much in Atlanta to enjoy, it’s the perfect time to invest in a rental property! While the process can be a little daunting, Home ReBuilders has walked many first-time investors through the process. Here are a few of the more popular projects that we help many of our investment property clients tackle, aside from the ever-popular bath remodels and kitchen repairs.

Constructing Decks, Patios or Screen Porches

Atlanta is a patio city, year-round, so many of our clients consider porch additions to be a worthwhile investment. Part of the appeal of our town is the occasional January day in the 60’s and 70’s – and here, “summer weather” is basically May through October! Tenants in Atlanta see value in having an outdoor space to lounge in; especially in bustling neighborhoods like VaHi, Inman Park, and Decatur.

Creating a Laundry Room

Renters love laundry rooms for the same reasons you do! It’s nice to have a designated area to do this frequent and important chore. Plus, a laundry room with built-in storage can also serve as a mudroom, as storage for off-season clothes, and as a place for a stash of household products like toilet paper and toothpaste. Plus, in a rental market filled with stackable washers and dryers jammed thoughtlessly into a hallway closet, a laundry room will help your rental property stand out.

Converting a Bonus Room into a Bathroom

Roommates, couples, and families alike will appreciate the opportunity to each have their own bathroom. If your new investment property comes with an extra bedroom or office, consider converting it into a desirable bathroom (and perhaps devoting some space to a large closet, too!). Home ReBuilders can work with you to create the overall design plan and then complete all the work, including taking measurements, ordering cabinets and fixtures, and getting everything installed and looking beautiful.

Configuring an Open Floorplan

Many renters would love a home in which they can entertain! Home ReBuilders can help knock down walls so that multiple chefs can fit in the kitchen, guests can chat and mingle in the kitchen while renters put the finishing touches on dinner, and parents can watch their children playing in the living room while cooking. The end result is a floorplan that’s easier and more desirable for renters, and likely to be more profitable for you!

Go ahead and take the leap into the world of income property. With Home ReBuilders’ team of design build experts by your side, you’ll be a landlord in no time!



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Demystifying Construction Loans

Construction loans for home additions are enough to make anyone feel a little anxious – but have no fear! For decades, Home ReBuilders has walked homeowners just like you through each step of the process. Here’s how you can make your home renovation dreams a reality:


1. Consult with Home ReBuilders. Your dedicated Account Manager will consult with you to help determine your wants and needs and create a preliminary proposal. After a collaborative planning process driven by your vision as well as Home ReBuilders’ expertise, you’ll review your home design plans, timeline, and budget. These plans will help you figure out how much funding you might need to pursue.

2. Review your credit report. The higher your credit score, the more financing options you’ll have available for your renovation project. You can find your up-to-date credit report and credit score at Home ReBuilders’ network of lenders suggests that you choose your Equifax report. Be sure to thoroughly review your report to make sure everything on it is correct.

3. Find a lender you trust. Your lender will work with you to determine the lending options that will work best for you. On our website, you can find contact information for some of our recommended lenders, as well as explore information about lending options.

4. Choose the lending option that’s right for you. There are various types of lending programs that might fit your needs. Your lender can walk you through each one, including: a home equity line of credit, equity loans, refinancing your current mortgage, renovation loans, or a one-time close renovation loan. As part of the lending process, the bank will appraise your home, since your home’s post-renovation value will be determined by your home’s current state as well as your renovation plans.

5. Sit back and relax! Once your financing is secured, Home ReBuilders will manage the rest! Our team of professional architects, remodeling contractors, and construction crews will get to work creating your dream home, with your timeline and budget in mind.

Whether you’re dreaming of a kitchen renovation, bath remodel, garage additions, or a whole house renovation, let Home ReBuilders guide you through the process – so you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your new home!


Can Your House Keep Up With Your Growing Family?

Growing family means lifestyles change – and so, too, must our homes. Regardless of which phase of life you’re in, Home Rebuilders’ remodeling contractors can make sure your home is working for you and your family.

For young, active kiddos: Just yesterday, they were babies – but now, they’re walking, climbing, exploring, and growing by the day. Many parents come to us seeking kid-friendly renovations: adding a playroom; renovating their basement to convert it into a kids’ area; or creating outdoor areas for dining, sports, or a swing set/playhouse. We can help you do all that and more, so your kids can tire themselves out in the comfort of your own home!


This Decatur attic conversion gives kids a place to play!

For messy kids: We can’t help your messy child (or spouse) become more organized, but we can help you stay sane while you try. Let Home ReBuilders create an entryway “catch-all” with custom shelving for backpacks, shoes, and lunch bags. We can even install a “command center” to keep track of errands and appointments. Our team of design professionals can also help create your own home office, so you can keep sticky hands and stray clutter out of your work zone.


This entry station keeps everything organized!

For the perpetually hungry teen: Why do some teenagers come home and tear through the kitchen as if they haven’t eaten all day? If you have a growing teen who eats a week’s worth of groceries in just a weekend, consider a kitchen renovation. We can build a custom pantry to keep your family’s favorite foods stocked. You could also renovate for more counter space and a larger fridge that will make meal prep easy. Finally, a breakfast nook encourages teens to spend time hanging out in the kitchen while they chow down, allowing for quality family time.


This Atlanta kitchen has plenty of prep space to host pizza night for a group of hungry teens!

For aging parents or in-laws: Caring for an older loved one can be a little daunting, especially with a small home. By converting your basement into an in-law suite, you can make sure that your parent or in-laws have a healthy amount of autonomy and privacy while also making sure they’re comfortably equipped with everything they need.

For YOU: While you’re taking care of the rest of the family, remember to take time for yourself! A bath remodel inspires relaxation and glamour in your morning routine or evening bath. Or, you could even do a master suite addition! We can also build a special room just for you! Consider an attic conversion or building a freestanding “chic shed” as your new craft room, man cave, reading nook, or painting studio.

No matter where you are in life, Home ReBuilders’ Atlanta design build team can help you make the most of it!

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Buying a Fixer-Upper

New Home, New Projects

Welcome home! You’ve signed the papers, gotten the keys, and now the home you’ve been dreaming of is all yours. As lovely as your new abode may be, most homeowners can think of a few projects that they’d like to tackle in their new space. If you’re like many homebuyers, you might have intentionally purchased a fixer-upper that needs a lot of work in hopes of taking on a cost-saving, dramatic whole house renovation. Whether your “to-fix” list is big or small, Home ReBuilders’ Atlanta design build team is here to help. Here are a few of the most common requests we hear from new homebuyers:


Transform the Bath

Peeling wallpaper, old grout, and 80’s-chic fixtures…is your new home’s bathroom a little less glamorous than you’d hoped for? A bath remodel can be a great way to pack a lot of impact into a small space and start life in your new home with a fresh slate. Today’s bathrooms are open and airy, with modern touches and thoughtfully designed storage that turn getting ready for the day into a relaxing experience. We can help you choose durable, high-quality materials that won’t break the bank and work with you to find custom solutions for your home’s layout.


Finish the Basement

Finishing your new basement is a great way to add value to your house while also creating more useable space for your family to enjoy. Let Home ReBuilders help you determine the right layout, flooring, paint colors, fixtures, lighting, and finishing touches for your dream basement. You could also consider an attic conversion to make the most of your home’s square footage and vertical space. If you’ve been debating about going up vs. going out when it comes to your home design, let our team show you how fun and economical it can be to finish out an existing attic or basement space!


Tear Down that Wall!

Older homes are notoriously closed-off. If your new home feels a little claustrophobic, consider opening up some walls to create a more natural flow. Imagine watching your little ones play in the living room while you cook dinner, or hosting a dozen guests for a dinner party in your expansive kitchen that spills over into the living room. Taking down walls is a major project that requires a trained professional, and Home ReBuilders’ team of remodeling contractors can handle the whole process – from permit approval to drywall disposal, and everything in between.

The best part about renovating your new home soon after you move into it is that you’ll have years – perhaps even decades – to enjoy and show off your customized space!


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Staying Safe During the Holidays – Home Renovation

This week is a time to munch on leftovers, play with new gifts, and enjoy time with family. Amidst all the fun, it’s important to be mindful of your family’s well being. Around the holidays, police officers and emergency room workers will typically tell you that they see an uptick in crime and accidents. How can you keep your family safe? Home ReBuilders has some solutions from your Home Renovation Atlanta experts:

Fix Flooring Issues

Does your family trip over the same bunched carpet or buckled hardwood each time they walk over it? Older floors, and changes in flooring between rooms, are notorious for causing accidents. Let our Atlanta contractors help minimize trips and falls while also adding lasting value to your home with new floors.

Install New Locks

If your house has windows that don’t properly lock – or doors without a deadbolt – let our team take on this small project that will help keep your family safer year-round! Also, remember that empty gift boxes tip off would-be criminals to the contents of your home – so cut up the box from that new flat-screen TV and put it inside a garbage bag instead of leaving it out on the curb!

front porch

Secure doors and windows can help prevent criminals from entering your home.

Repair Electrical Work

Wiring problems, older appliances, and a lack of surge protectors can all be a fire hazard. Our Atlanta remodel team can thoroughly check your home to determine whether you need electrical work and create a plan that will help keep your family safe. Electrical work can also include fun add-ons, like recessed lighting, specialty outlets, under-cabinet lighting, dimmers, and sound systems.

Inspect Your Fireplace

Your fireplace is a source of warmth, comfort, and cozy evenings – but home fires are a serious issue. Our team can repair deteriorated brickwork in your chimney or around your hearth. We can also inspect your chimney cap, which is a metal piece at the top of your chimney that prevents any fire sparks from landing on your roof. Remember to never leave a fire unattended, and to remove any papers or objects from around your fireplace that could be a hazard.


A safe, modern fireplace helps ensure that fires are a source of comfort, not concern!


From our family to yours, we hope you enjoyed this holiday season. Our clients are our biggest source of inspiration. Thank you for your business in 2016 – and we can’t wait to tackle 2017’s projects with you!



Fireplace and Chimney Maintenance

Fireplaces seem to be a focal point during the holidays, either providing warmth in the cold temperature, decorative elements, and of course, the old fashioned present delivery system. Your fireplace, the most low-tech piece of equipment in your house, may seem like a simple load-and-light operation, but ignoring annual maintenance can impair its performance, leading to heated air (and dollars) blowing out the chimney, harmful smoke inside, and possibly even a chimney fire.

The average number of annual U.S. home fires caused by fireplace, chimney, and chimney connectors between 2003 and 2005 was 25,100, and the average costs for those fires was $126.1 million, based on the most recent statistics from the Chimney Safety Institute of America. That’s roughly $5,024 in damage per home. Annual chimney maintenance removes flammable creosote, the major cause of chimney fires, and identifies other performance problems.

Annual inspections keep flames burning right

Creosote—combustible, tar-like droplets—is a natural byproduct of burning wood. The more wood you burn, the wetter or greener the wood, and the more often you restrict airflow by keeping your fireplace doors closed or your damper barely open, the more creosote is produced.

Soot build-up, while not flammable, can hamper venting. One half-inch of soot can restrict airflow 17% in a masonry chimney and 30% in a factory-built unit, according to the CSIA. Soot is also aggressively acidic and can damage the inside of your chimney.

The more creosote and soot, the more likely you are to see signs of chimney fire—loud popping, dense smoke, or even flames shooting out the top of your chimney into the sky. Chimney fires damage the structure of your chimney and can provide a route for the fire to jump to the frame of your house.

“If the chimney is properly maintained, you’ll never have a chimney fire,” says Ashley Eldridge, the education director of the CSIA.

The best way to ensure your chimney isn’t an oil slick waiting to ignite? Get it inspected.

Three inspection levels let you choose what you need

A level-one inspection includes a visual check of the fireplace and chimney without any special equipment or climbing up on the roof. The inspector comes to your house with a flashlight, looks for damage, obstructions, creosote build-up, and soot, and tells you if you need a sweep. If so, he’ll grab his brushes, extension poles, and vacuum, and do it on the spot.

“You should have it inspected every year to determine if it needs to be swept. An annual inspection will also cover you if the neighbor’s children have thrown a basketball in it, or a bird has built a nest,” says Eldridge.

A level one typically runs about $125. Add a sweep, and you’re talking another $80, or about $205 for both services, according to CSIA.

Consider a level-two inspection if you’ve experienced a dramatic weather event, like a tornado or hurricane; if you’ve made a major change to your fireplace; or bought a new house. This includes a level-one investigation, plus the inspector’s time to visit the roof, attic conversion considerations, and crawl space in search of disrepair. It concludes with a sweep, if necessary, and information on what repair is needed. The price will depend on the situation.

A level three inspection is considered “destructive and intrusive” and can resemble a demolition job. It may involve tearing down and rebuilding walls and your chimney, and is usually done after a chimney fire. The cost will depend on the situation.

Small steps can improve your fireplace’s efficiency

Besides the annual sweep, improve your fireplace’s functioning with responsible use.

  • Only burn dry, cured wood—logs that have been split, stacked, and dried for eight to 12 months. Cover your log pile on top, but leave the sides open for air flow. Hardwoods such as hickory, white oak, beech, sugar maple, and white ash burn longest, though dry firewood is more important than the species. Less dense woods like spruce or white pine burn well if sufficiently dry, but you’ll need to add more wood to your fire more often, according to CSIA.
  • Wood, only wood! Crates, lumber, construction scraps, painted wood, or other treated wood releases chemicals into your home, compromising your air quality. Log starters are fine for getting your fire going, but they burn very hot; generally only use one at a time.
  • Close your damper when not using the fireplace to prevent warm indoor air—and the dollars you’re spending to heat it—from rushing up the chimney.
  • On a factory-built, prefab wood-burning fireplace, keep bifold glass doors open when burning a fire to allow heat to get into the room.
  • Have a chimney cap installed to prevent objects, rain, and snow from falling into your chimney and to reduce downdrafts. The caps have side vents so smoke escapes. A chimney sweep usually provides and can install a stainless steel cap, which is better than a galvanized metal one available at most home improvement retailers because it won’t rust, says Anthony Drago, manager of Ashleigh’s Hearth and Home in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
  • Replace a poorly sealing damper to prevent heat loss. “You can get a top-mounted damper that functions as a rain cap, too, an improvement over the traditional damper because it provides a tighter closure,” says CSIA’s Eldridge.
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors in your house—near the fireplace as well as in bedroom areas.
  • If you burn more than three cords of wood annually, get your chimney cleaned twice a year. A cord is 4-feet high, by 4-feet wide, by 8-feet long, or the amount that would fill two full-size pick-up trucks.
  • To burn fire safely, build it slowly, adding more wood as it heats and keeping your damper completely open to increase draw in the early stages. Burn the fire hot, at least occasionally—with the damper all the way open to help prevent smoke from lingering the fireplace and creosote from developing.

By the way, fireplaces aren’t officially rated for energy efficiency because they’re so varied. Depending on the source of information, they can be 10% to 30% efficient in converting fuel to heat.

No inspection will turn a masonry or factory-built fireplace into a furnace, but it can improve efficiency somewhat, decrease the amount of heating dollars you’re sending up the chimney, and increase your enjoyment of your hearth time by reducing smoke. If a sweeping prevents a chimney fire, you’re talking about the difference between another ordinary January day, and the potential loss of your home, or even life.