Home Office: Making it Work

Posted by Emma Weldon on February 9, 2017

A recent survey* found that 80-90% of the U.S. workforce says they’d like to “telework,” or work from home, at least part time. Can you blame them? Working from home means no stressful commute, less money spent on gas and transportation, more family time, and a chance to structure your day the way you work best. Imagine being able to pick up your kids from school because you aren’t tied to an office, or having breakfast with your family because you aren’t rushing off to work. A home office means that you’ll be there for a lot of the little moments in your family’s lives, as well as the big ones.


A Morningside attic conversion resulted in a surprisingly airy, bright office space!

If you’ve been working from home – or thinking about it – let Home ReBuilders help build a home office that will inspire you and allow you to do your best work. While the obvious choice for a home office could be a spare bedroom, you might have other spaces that would work well – even if your home is small! Consider an attic conversion, which can transform a musty, small space into an edgy, modern hideaway. A ranch addition can provide all the space you need for filing cabinets, custom shelving, and a seating area. Or, a basement office can help muffle noise from the rest of the house if you need peace and quiet for your work.

Rather than just schlepping an old desk into a spare bedroom, let Home ReBuilders design a space that’s truly tailored for your work needs. Our in-house designers and architects can work with you to design an empowering and functional office, while our remodeling contractors will work to get the job done with as little disruption as possible to the rest of your home. With a designated home office space, you can take a more active role in your family’s life. When your dog has to go out in the middle of the day, you can take it for a walk. When your spouse wants to enjoy a relaxing evening together at home, you’ll be able to enjoy it without having to shake off the stress of work traffic first. When your child begins to take his or her first steps, you might be just steps away and able to witness that moment. We can help you be there for all of that and so much more. Make your work, work for you with a home office of your own!

* http://globalworkplaceanalytics.com/telecommuting-statistics 

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