rebuilding yesterday's homes for today's living

Home ReBuilders has been the complete solution to your home remodeling and renovation needs since 1984. Located in Midtown Atlanta, we have been the go-to firm for Design+Build: the coming together of creative architects and professional builders as an integrated team throughout the life of your project.

A successful project merges creative design solutions and a final product that exceeds customer expectations. We accomplish this with a proven team of architects, builders, and craftsmen working for you under one roof.


This is Design+Build. One team with one goal… YOUR SATISFACTION.

services designed to
meet your lifestyle


Through the years our lifestyles change, and with this the needs of the homes we live in. Your needs must be interpreted and balanced to the architectural style of the house, all while maintaining your budget. Our architects, designers and production team are ideally suited to meet this challenge and produce the optimum solution.

Custom Homes

Years of renovating homes has provided our team a keen insight for bringing our clients' dreams to life. Our homes withstand the test of time; led by an engineer who values creative design, Home ReBuilders consistently delivers value and longevity.

Small Projects

Smaller projects often have all the components and challenges of the larger projects, but with shorter timelines, smaller spaces, and tighter budgets. This requires a well-knit team of designers and production for which Home ReBuilders is ideally suited.

Handyman Services

Realizing the special needs of small repairs and maintenance, Home ReBuilders launched a handyman service. Today, DogGoneHandy is staffed by team of knowledgeable, in-house technicians applying their craft to maintain Atlanta’s homes.

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Custom Home

a partnership that lasts
throughout the life of
your home

As our lives grow and evolve, so should our homes. Home ReBuilders is here for you and your home’s changing needs.

We are honored to have many clients with whom we have forged a lasting relationship. They know that we will stay with them throughout the life of their home – full rebuild, attic conversion, or room additions – and not just to the end of a project.

With services designed to maintain your home, we are with you every step of the way. We conduct a free inspection 90 days after the final walkthrough – follow up with another inspection 12 months after job completion to make sure everything is working properly.

Our warranty is for a full 24 months, and our client relationship is for life.