Screen Porch to Combat the Heat

Coming Soon: Baseball, Beaches, and 90+ Degree Days!

April showers might bring May flowers – but come July and August, we’re all going to fry! Atlanta’s summers are some of the hottest and most humid around. Fortunately, there’s still time for Home ReBuilders’ design build team to help cover and screen in your porch, so you can enjoy it during this summer and for years to come!

Screen porches are the perfect way to spend time outdoors without worrying about bugs or the sun beating down on you. You can set up a table to dine al fresco with your family, without the citronella candles and flyswatters you might need when eating in your backyard. Or, set up a comfy reading nook to enjoy the summer’s best novels with a warm breeze floating through the room. Let your family pets enjoy the porch, too! With screen porch additions, you can let your four-legged best friend get some fresh air without the worry of them running away or getting overheated in the sun.

While many of our clients set up their screen porches with a traditional layout including a dining table or conversation area, we’ve also seen screen porches with fun and funky touches! Consider adding a hanging swing with pillows in fun, vibrant colors; installing soaring wood beam ceilings with recessed lighting and speakers; or using your screen porch as a hobby area, yoga room, or art studio. The possibilities are endless!

Recent renovation project in Buckhead – garage + screen porch addition


However you style your screen porch on the inside, Home ReBuilders can ensure that on the outside, your screen porch addition blends seamlessly with the rest of your home design. Our team of in-house architects, designers, and remodeling contractors are used to working together toward a common vision and can execute your project successfully from start to finish.


As Atlanta’s temperatures begin to climb, give us a call to see how we can keep your family cool and comfortable – while also adding value to your home!

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Remodeling Contractors Trading Out Window Pains

Trade Old Window Pains for New Window Panes


When many people think of home renovations, they might imagine exciting projects like a master suite addition, a finished basement, or a chef’s kitchen. While Home ReBuilders’ design build team is passionate about those types of remodels, there is another project that is overlooked by many homeowners in favor of more glamorous projects: window replacement. Because we look right through them without a second thought, windows are an area of the home that is easy to overlook. Here are just a few reasons why our remodeling contractors recommend window replacement as a smart renovation choice:

  1. Save on Heating and Cooling: Just in time for Atlanta’s sweltering summer days, window replacement can help save money and keep you cool! Top-notch modern dual-paned windows are about twice as effective as traditional windows when it comes to retaining heat and air conditioning. That means that you can stay comfortable at your ideal temperature year-round, while spending less on your power bill!
  2. Let the Sunshine In: Larger windows let in more natural sunlight and can make any room feel spacious and open. Plus, if you have great outdoor views – like a thriving garden, children playing in the backyard, or greenery and trees, larger windows can help you enjoy those views from the comfort of your home. In fact, a large window can even become the focal point of an entire room.
  3. Change It Up: Rather than having “just” a regular window, consider adding a bay window with a comfortable seating area. Bay windows offer panoramic views, architectural interest, and curb appeal. Plus they’re the perfect spot for a breakfast nook or a reading corner where you can curl up with a book.
  4. Invest in the Future: According to the National Association of Realtors’ 2016 Cost Versus Value study, homeowners typically get around 73% of their replacement window investment back when they sell a house, making new windows one of the savviest ways to stretch limited renovation dollars.

Home ReBuilders can help integrate new windows into the look and feel of your home design making it seem as though they’ve been there all along.

Ready to seize your window of opportunity and make the most of your home? Give us a call!

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Bath Design Trends

Bathroom remodels will always be popular and will always be complicated and sometime expensive to renovate. A bath can have some of the most costly building materials and products squeezed into one of the smallest spaces in your home. If you are thinking about embarking on a bath project, the investment can provide one of the largest returns to your home’s value.  This type of renovation can also improve the quality of your life on a daily basis. All that being said, when renovating a bath, it is important to spend your money wisely and choose materials well. The fruits of your labor are going to be around for awhile and you want to make sure they have staying power. If you make a miss-step on a curtain selection, it can often be changed. Poor finishes or layout in a bath renovation can be there to stay.  We have compiled a few design trends and renovation tips to consider.

large showers

Today, showers seem to be one of the things homeowners are looking for and responding to. Often a tub/shower combination is removed and replaced with a large rectangular shower. People are looking for multiple shower heads, possibly hand held sprays, and spacious shelves for shampoos and bottles.  Shower doors with frameless glass have been the gold standard for years. Today people are exploring showers without any doors by creating a “wet zone” in a bath. Luxurious showers have taken the spotlight from the once wildly popular garden tub.

soaking tubs

The days of the jetted tub with multiple functions and pulsating streams of forced air seem to be over. They have developed a reputation for being loud and difficult to clean, two things not condusive to relaxation.  The large tiled decks that these tubs sat in are also being left in the past. Too much square footage and often dangerous to get in and out of. Today people are interested in deep, soaking tubs, a place you can restfully float in, up to your ears in hot water.

private toilet rooms

This has been popular for a while now and certainly appears to be here to stay. The enclosure of the toilet into its own closet-like space has enabled the bath to be used by multiple family members, comfortably and with privacy. If space allows, this can be a fantastic feature in a bath renovation.

cabinetry function

Today’s hot buttons in cabinetry seem to be about function. Deep drawers for taller bottles and easier access are popular. Divided drawers, similar to silverware inserts, also provide organization for makeup. The placement of outlets in medicine cabinets and drawers also create permanent homes for electric toothbrushes, shavers, hair dryers and the like.  Finding a home for everything, off the vanity counter, seems to be the mantra for creating that clean, spa-like feel.

universal design

Even younger generations seem to be open to thinking about how a bath will be used later in life. Grab bars are appearing in more and more baths and the manufacturers have taken notice. Today they appear much more like towel bars and can do double duty. Showers are being designed without thresholds to step over and smooth, linear shower drains are seen everywhere.

neutral finishes

You may love patterned Mexican tiles, but you may want to think twice about making a large investment in something specific and hard to replace.  The wisest course in bathroom materials can often be the neutral one. Natural materials and stones can have a longer shelf like and appeal to more people, should you ever try to sell your home. Save the patterns for the artwork or towel.


Summer in the Garden

At Home ReBuilders, we have several team members with seriously green thumbs and a love of the garden.  One of our recent projects was a real thrill for the folks here with soil under their nails and growing in their blood.  We had a return client with an unusual request. The home next to theirs was for sale and they decided to buy the home, tear down the worn structure and create a true urban garden oasis it its place. In addition to the garden, we designed a small screened potting shed complete with custom door. Fun!