attic conversions

Is your current home is lacking that extra square footage, or would you love that extra bedroom, bath, or master suite? Look up. The space you need may be found in your attic.

One of our most common renovations is altering a dark and dusty attic into finished living space through the use of carefully placed windows and dormers, cleaver design and space planning. Attics are loaded with potential. You just need the experience and vision to unlock them.


A desire for more bedrooms and bathrooms are typical reasons for renovating an attic, leaving the main floor to be reconfigured for different uses.

Going up to the attic space typically can cost a bit more than pushing out the back, but can leave your yard intact. It impacts the existing roofline, and typically requires a new set of stairs to land on the main floor, especially if there are not permanent stairs in place. The new stairs usually set in motion reconfiguring some of the main floor as well. Blending this new space to work well with the overall current design of the house, including bathroom remodels, is typically the most challenging to make it work well and blend. There are several ways to achieve this seamless look and will depend on the style of the home as well as how much square footage is being added. Oftentimes the roofline itself dictates some of the wall angles and overhangs giving character to living space.

The benefits to attic conversions are many which can include less disturbance to the existing yard, improved curb appeal and a more energy-efficient home.