“Fixer Upper” Style, Adapted for Atlanta!

Do you love HGTV as much as we do? One of our favorite shows is “Fixer Upper.” Joanna and Chip Gaines have gained a huge following, and for good reason! Their rustic designs and whole house renovations are as fun as they are cohesive. Rather than just adding a star of Texas to your mantle and calling it a day, Home ReBuilders can help authentically translate that “Fixer Upper” charm into the your Atlanta home. Here are some of our favorite ways to create a custom home with that Gaines style in mind!

Shiplap, Shiplap, Shiplap.

If you’ve watched “Fixer Upper” for more than five minutes, you’re probably familiar with the wonders of shiplap. Often found in barns and historic homes, shiplap can add a unique touch and visual interest to your home design. Home ReBuilders’ experts have all the tools and expertise to make precise cuts, so that your shiplap fits perfectly around windows, outlets, and any other tricky areas.

Add Exposed Beams.

Ceilings with exposed beams have a magical way of making any room seem warm and stately. They can highlight a large, open room and add plenty of personality. Our remodeling contractors will make sure your beams are installed safely, which is especially important for anything being added to your ceiling. Want to incorporate natural wood materials without the style commitment  of a ceiling beam? Reclaimed wood can also work as a wonderful accent on your walls or staircase.

Knock Down Walls.

Most HGTV shows, “Fixer Upper” included, have a preference for open floorplans. We can transform your entryway, living room, dining room, and kitchen into one open area with plenty of breathing room and flow. Whether your priority is entertaining a dozen friends or keeping an eye on your kids while you cook dinner, Home ReBuilders’ licensed and insured contractors can knock down walls to make it happen!

Restyle Your Fireplace and Mantle.

It doesn’t get that cold in Waco, but, Joanna Gaines still loves a good fireplace – and so do we! Home ReBuilders can add a fireplace to your home if it doesn’t have one – or, we can refinish your existing fireplace and mantle with those “Fixer Upper” touches like subway tile, white brick, or a big wooden mantle.

Mix Up Some Color.

Let us create an entirely new color scheme for your home, to match those other rustic renovations! Working within your comfort zone, our designers can capture Joanna’s signature tones – creamy whites, light grays, subtle blues, and pops of light pink and purple – and incorporate them perfectly into your rooms.

Add the Finishing Touches.

Near the end of each episode, Chip and the children leave the “Fixer Upper” home, and we get to see Joanna in her element, coordinating artwork, flowers, vintage mirrors and chalkboards, and other finishing touches. Whether you’re eyeing a funky crystal chandelier or custom signage in your kitchen, our team can make sure all your design elements and accessories are tied together.

After our team works our magic, you can go a step further by incorporating your own local flea market and designer finds into your home! Meander through Miami Circle for vintage finds and antiques; peruse Ponce City Market for home goods with old-world style and modern touches; or wander through West Midtown for industrial-inspired finds. One thing’s for sure: with Home ReBuilders by your side, you’ll have that “Fixer Upper” charm faster than Chip can make a goofy joke!


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Atlanta Design Trend Update!

Tile Trend: Oversized Porcelain Sheets

10 years ago, granite was all the rage. Now, home buyers and renovators have moved beyond basic granite! The newest Atlanta design trend? Oversized porcelain tile sheets. Only ¼ thick, this tile can be used as a wall cover for your bathroom remodel or kitchen renovation. Here are just a few reasons why this big product is making an equally big impact in many Home Rebuilders homes!


Goodbye, Grout! Are you sick of scrubbing your grimy grout – or watching it get discolored over time? Flat-sheet porcelain tile removes the problem entirely. It’s a lifesaver in any area that’s susceptible to moisture and dirt – especially bathtubs and kitchen backsplashes! Plus, one flat sheet of material means there are no unsightly seams.

Natural Beauty: Man-made porcelain tiles that are designed to look like natural materials give you the best of both worlds: the durability of a modern product, with the calming aesthetic of nature. Neutral stone hues, as well as funkier gemstone-inspired options, allow you to take the best of the outdoors right inside your home. Try pairing porcelain tile sheets with other nature-inspired materials, like bamboo accessories or live houseplants, for a tranquil, Zen vibe indoors.

Modern Mood: In the days of magical tidying and minimalism, more and more people are discovering the joys of a modern home design. Porcelain sheets impart a clean, clutter-free appearance – while still looking enough like traditional granite for those who aren’t total minimalist converts.


No Stains, No Pains. Marble has become a stylish choice for kitchens and bathrooms, but it’s porous – which means it can get stained and discolored easily. Just a few spilled drops of wine can sink into the surface and stubbornly refuse to come out. That’s why many people choose veined or darker-colored marble in an attempt to hide these inevitable stains! For a cheaper price than marble (and about the same price as granite), porcelain is easy to care for and a lot more stain-resistant. Save yourself a whole lot of hassle and a little bit of money, too!

Oversized porcelain tile is quickly becoming a top trend among our home repair projects, and for good reason! If you decide to take the plunge, you’ll need to use a certified installer. Home Builders’ team of design build experts can help with that, and more! We’ll work with you to plan your design; take measurements to make sure your oversized piece will fit through your doors; handle ordering, transport, and installation; and help with any other renovation needs you might have.

Design Trends

Our friends at Houzz have compiled some ideas about trends in  residential home design. Take a look. We are fully behind some of them and have seen several hit our market place. The modern home is always evolving. And to get an idea of what it’s evolving to, look no further than what’s happening within its walls today.

1. Two-tone kitchen cabinets. Keep upper cabinets white or neutral for a clean, timeless feel, then go crazy with the lower cabinets by playing with various wood tones and deeper colors to take your kitchen in two different style directions.
2. Outdoor fabric used indoors. Outdoor fabrics are becoming increasingly hard to distinguish from traditional indoor fabrics, and many Houzzers are bringing them inside, where their durability makes them perfect for high-traffic dining room and living room furniture, as shown here.
3. Colored stainless steel appliances. Black stainless steel is making a buzz on Houzz. In a poll, nearly two-thirds of Houzzers say they would consider the dark alternative to shiny silver metal.  Not into the darkness? Head to the light with Whirlpool’s Sunset Bronze finish.

4. Extra-large-format tile. Large-format tiles (such as 12 by 24 inches) have been making an appearance in kitchens and bathrooms for some time now, but be on the lookout for extra-large-format ones. Just how extra? Try 31 by 71 inches, like the ceramic Ann Sacks tiles shown  on a fireplace surround project by Pangaea. That’s almost 3 by 6 feet!

5. Bidets. The separate bidet unit in bathrooms never really took off in America. But since manufacturers began creating combination bidet and toilet units, like the Toto version shown here, they’ve been catching on. According to Houzz data, 5 percent of renovated master bathrooms now include bidets.

6. Deep kitchen drawers. Houzz data shows that ease of storage is the top kitchen priority during a remodel. And while deep drawers have been creeping up to replace lower kitchen cabinets for a while now, they’re only getting better — and more affordable. Dividers and inserts let you organize any shape or size of dish, pan or utensil under the sun, and there are even clever options for deep corner drawers, and drawers under range tops and kitchen sinks.

7. Formal dining rooms. Not everyone takes the leap to turn the dining room into an office or media room. For homeowners who entertain frequently, a designated space for gathering for special meals isn’t negotiable, and they’re pouring attention into these rooms.
8. Niche appliances. Looking for a little added luxury in the kitchen? Steam ovens promise to cook food more thoroughly and healthily than microwaves; warming drawers give cooks a little wiggle room to deliver hot meals to family and guests; induction cooktops save space and are safer for homes with young kids; and kimchi refrigerators offer fans of the popular Korean condiment a chance to make their own at home.

9. Workhorse islands. Kitchen islands provide additional workspace, but they’ve taken on so much more than that. With deep storage, prep sinks, room for seating and more, workhorse islands are becoming the central feature in modern kitchens.
10. Statement mirrors in bathrooms. So long, medicine cabinets. Hello, statement mirrors. Think large wood-framed beauties, backlit modern marvels and ornate vintage gems that boost style in a bathroom.

11. Barely there kitchens. As kitchen layouts become more open, spatial identifiers like walls of cabinetry and full-size appliances fade away, leaving behind airy, fluid spaces that serve multiple functions while looking barely there.



12. Living rooms that ditch the tech for family. With so much screen time throughout the day and night, homeowners are looking for a calm respite where they can read a book, chat with friends and family or just sit quietly. Thus, the rise of living rooms devoid of digital distraction.
13. Kitchens that embrace openness and raw materials. The inherent simplicity in open shelves and raw materials plays a big part in the barely there kitchen we mentioned earlier. Embrace these, and the rest will follow.


14. Surprising backsplash and countertop pairings. You could play it safe with white subway tile and granite countertops, but sometimes safe is so boring. Instead, consider a different combination, such as a brick backsplash with concrete countertops or yellow ceramic tile with butcher block.
15. Fully decorated living rooms that don’t go overboard. How do you know when you haven’t decorated enough, or decorated too much? Designers pay attention to scale, light, function and more to strike the right balance.
16. Special kitchen features. Sometimes a kitchen needs that one special element that takes it from a useful space to a vital one. Here, a dining table on casters allows various seating arrangements for casual family meals and large parties with friends.
17.  A sunroom is a top dream space for many homeowners. Even those who don’t have the luxury of having — or adding — one are finding ways to carve out a special sun-drenched corner in their homes.
18. Punched-up white kitchens. White kitchen walls and cabinets — and even countertops in many cases — is a trend that will continue for years to come. To avoid a too-sterile look, however, many designers and homeowners are learning to punch up an all-white space with smart, colorful details through tile, floor-to-ceiling bookcases, raw materials and more.
20. Mixing modern materials in the kitchen. Looking for something a little more lively than white cabinets and granite countertops in your kitchen? Consider mixing several modern materials, finishes and colors. Here, butcher block countertops get broken up with soapstone near the stove and Carrara marble on a nearby baking station. These mix with olive-green cabinets and stainless steel appliances for an eclectic, sophisticated look.
21. Attention-seeking bedrooms. A can of paint will certainly transform the look and feel of a bedroom, but to take the sanctuary to the next level, you’re going to need bolder ideas. Here, a rustic wood wall and ceiling feature warms up the otherwise contemporary room.
22. Bathrooms that feel more like living spaces. Graphic wallpaper, ornate chandeliers and furniture-like pieces turn sterile spaces into ones that feel a lot more like home.
23. Fireplaces and fire features. New advances mean you can have all the ambiance without the smell, pollution or hassle of traditional wood-burning fireplaces. Plus, fireplaces are making a comeback as living room focal points in lieu of the dark void of a TV screen.
24. Farmhouse entryways. Stripping away the need for fancy flourishes or decor for decor’s sake, farmhouse style gets at the root of function. That’s why the style makes sense for mudrooms, where simplicity in storage and durability in materials are paramount.

Design Trends

The paint manufacturer Benjamin Moore selects a Color of the Year.  This year’s choice of Simply White OC 177 may have surprised some, but if you follow design trends you may have noticed white is having a major turn in the spotlight. Any magazine, blog or Pinterest page seems to have several projects, exclaiming the virtues of “painting it white”.

In the words of Benjamin Moore Creative Director Ellen O’Neill, white is “timeless and transcendent. More than that, it is ubiquitous. “From weathered wainscoting to crisp canvas shades, porcelain tile to picket fences, white is everywhere in every form-that’s why we chose it as our Color of the Year.”

white 2

Now, coupled with this trend toward white, is the accompaniment of grey. It’s the palette most requested these days when our clients are looking for clean, updated and fresh. Don’t let a drab battleship grey come to mind. The choices are many and grey can be a moody green or earthy warm. Imagine coastal fogs or river stones. Coupled with white trim, you have a classic combination.

The trend toward greys is showing up heavily in our kitchen and bath department and the custom cabinet lines we carry have taken notice. The white cabinet and marble countertop will forever be timeless but for those looking to try something different, we have an incredible selection of soft greys from driftwood to pewter or moodier graphites or black. If an entire kitchen of grey cabinets feels to risky, try just an island or maybe just base cabinetry. Our staff is ready to help pull samples and provide guidance in creating a space that balances trends and timeless style for your home.

white grey


Kitchen Cabinetry

White kitchens have long been the dominating look of choice for many homeowners embarking on a kitchen renovation. White cabinetry has captured the top spot in the field for years and the crisp, clean painted finish has surpassed the stained cabinetry of previous decades.

There does seem to be an movement toward softer greys and paler colors in cabinetry. Swedish and Belgian looks are popular with their muted tones and simple details. Accented with bleached oaks and wood finishes, these kitchens can create a soothing place for family life and meal making.

BLOG gray cabintery         BLog, grey cabinetry

Dramatic colors alse seem to be a trend. Navy cabinetry as base units seem to be a hot trend with white wall cabinetry or open shelving creating a counterpoint. A high gloss finish on the cabinetry can also create some drama in the space.

Blog, navy cabinetry

Kitchen renovations can be one of the more costly home remodeling projects and have one of the largest returns on your investment. Being current on trends can ensure your space will look fresh and new into the years ahead.

shiplap siding, the latest renovation trend

We’ve been in the home renovation and design business for quite a while and we’ve see trends come and go. In fact we’ve been around long enough to see a few things start coming back in fashion. Brass plumbing fixtures? Big news in the 80’s and then they were the first things to go and be replaced by chrome and nickel fixtures. Well, they are making an appearance again, this time with a bit of an aged patina.

One of the latest trends that we have seen over the last few years is shiplap siding as an interior wall treatment. We installed this treatment in a display project we did at Phipps Plaza a year or so ago. It seems to be in all of the shelter magazines now and we’re big fans. The wood can read as warm and farmhouse with a nod to vintage style. It can also be a fantastic almost sculptural element to a clean lined contemporary space. The wood isn’t cheap and there are a few installation methods to consider but nothing creates a sense of permanence and stability in a home design like wood. Most typically we see this treatment painted out in a crisp white but we’ve seen a few bold choices painted in inky saturated hues creating the ultimate moody space. A classic installation is done in mudrooms and kitchens or breakfast spaces but the element is beginning to pop up in more formal spots as well. Start looking, it’s soon to be everywhere.

Want the next trend? Concrete and patterned tile. We typically have advised big ticket renovation materials to stay on the neutral side. You don’t want something expensive and hard to replace to be something you tire of and want to replace when the trend isn’t so fresh. However, we are smitten with these and it seems as though a lot of designers are as well. Now we wait for the bold clients.

concrete tile

Keep your eyes open and see which trend you spot next.

Choosing Paint Colors

When you are undertaking a renovation, whether large or small, there are so many decisions and details to attend to. One of the design selections clients often defer until the very end of a renovation is paint colors. Choosing just the right color for your home can make all the difference in your final result. A misstep on paint can make a terrific renovation and space look less than its best. Here are some tips on paint selection. Our designers are always available for consultation.

It’s difficult to tell what a color is going to look like on your wall from a small paint chip, so many manufacturers offer sample containers of their colors. Depending on the manufacturer, you can buy sample containers in quarts, pints or even smaller sizes, and they range in price from $3 to $8. They’re a wise investment that will prevent you from wasting money on a color that isn’t right. And because colors can change dramatically under different lighting conditions, instead of rolling the sample onto the wall, roll it onto white bristol or tagboard. You’ll be able to move the sample around and view it under all the different lighting conditions in your home.

Paint companies have gone to a lot of trouble grouping colors into “families” and “collections” and “concepts” and “schemes.” Basically, these are combinations of complementary colors that may not occur to you until you see how well they work together. Take advantage of all the research already done for you by color experts. Find brochures at paint stores and go online to paint manufacturer websites, houzz.com and Pinterest, where you’ll find hundreds of examples of interior and exterior paint color combinations.

Base your color choice on the permanent furnishings in the room or the features on the exterior of your home. Inside, the flooring, rugs, artwork, blinds and upholstery will suggest a color direction. Outside, factory-finished materials like the roof, gutters, fascia, soffits and brickwork are existing elements whose colors rarely change but should play a role in determining your paint colors. The landscaping is another important factor. Select colors that fit in with the surrounding palette. If you have brilliant-colored spring-blooming trees or a sea of green foundation plantings, choose colors that will complement them.

Because ceilings are seen in shadow, the color often appears darker than the same paint on walls. If you want the ceiling to match the wall color, buy ceiling paint one or two shades lighter than the wall color. Or instead of buying another gallon of a lighter shade, save money by diluting the wall color you have with 50 percent white paint.

When you choose a color, you have to choose its sheen, too. Most paint companies offer flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss and gloss as options. Glossier finishes offer greater durability and are easier to clean, but they emphasize any wall imperfections. Flat paint will do a much better job of hiding imperfections, but it’s easier to damage than high-gloss. Flat finishes are generally best for ceilings and low-traffic areas like living and dining rooms. Glossier finishes can withstand moisture and grease so they’re good for trim and cabinets and high-traffic rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. If you love the way flat wall paint looks but you wish it were more durable, try mixing it 50/50 with eggshell paint. The paint will still offer a non-reflective look, but the eggshell will add some durability to the finish.

For the best results, spend at least $40 to $50 per gallon of paint. Paint is made of solvents, pigments and resins. Better-quality paint will be more concentrated with finer pigments and higher-grade resins, so the final product will have a more even color and durable finish. It’s tempting to try to save money up front, but better coverage ultimately means fewer coats and less paint to buy. Even reputable brands have a range of paint qualities within their product lines, so do your homework and buy the best you can afford.

Kitchen Renovation

It’s the start of a new year and a new list of trends. What will be hot this year in renovation design, what is passé and what will stand the test of time?

Generally we recommend clients think about their renovation projects with an eye to current tastes but a nod to the classics. Tile and cabinetry can be expensive to replace if the style loses its luster. Because we have been designing and building in Atlanta for over 30 years, we’ve seen trends come and go and come around again.

Brass was the expensive fixture to put install in the eighties and early nineties. Brass was replaced with chrome and all variations of brushed, satin and polished. Oil rubbed bronze has been a leader in finishes that suggest an earthier quality and less “clinical” in feel. Now the trend is back to brass with a less polished finish and a duller sheen. Brass is the hot finish and shows up in plumbing, cabinet hardware, and lighting.

Cabinet finishes that seem to be everywhere now are stepping away from white and trending toward grey, blues and the very popular “greige”- a color somewhere between grey and beige. Weathered and pickled oaks are rising in popularity as well.

Subway tiles and glass tiles have been the standard for kitchen renovation and are classics. The latest trend seems to be cement tiles with detailed patterns that play to the bohemian seventies look so popular in clothing and interiors.

If you are thinking about a kitchen or bath renovation, give us a call and chat with one of our designers. They can give you ideas to stay current but practical-a great combination.

Window Seats

Window seats always seem to trigger a warm response with homeowners. Maybe you had one in a childhood home or perhaps they have always been a part of a fantasy home wish list. It’s no wonder window seats are often the most loved element in a home. They offer comfort-especially with a thick cushion on top-and views to the outdoors. They create a sense of coziness and security, thanks to the niche that defines a window seat. And they provide extra storage when fitted with drawers, cabinets, or a simply hinged bench top. But perhaps it’s their ability to take an unused or awkward space and turn it into a charming focal point that warms our hearts most.

You can find window seats in homes representing just about every American architectural style, from colonial to contemporary, and the fact that they’ve endured this long speaks to their form and versatility. They also have a place in every room, wheeher as a banquette in the kitchen, a boot bench in an entry, or a hideaway for reading a book in the den, and can be trimmed to match existing moldings.

A window seat is actually fairly easy to insert into architectural plans if you are in the stages of working on a renovation. Think about impact to electrical outlet locations and maybe adding a lighting element or sconce. Some additional trim costs will be incurred but often not much. If you are thinking about a spot to add a window seat, a qualified handyman like our friends at DogGoneHandy can easily tackle this project. Think about how you would like to use the bench, storage or just seating, how the face should be dressed, plain wood, stained, painted, bead board or paneled and you are on your way to creating a timeless feature in your home.

Ranch Remodel

Ranch-style homes first made their appearance in America in the early part of the 20th century. They feature a long, low, ground-hugging profile and are mostly single-story in character. Ranch homes typically offer attached garages, open and uncluttered floor plans and uncomplicated exteriors. Because the ranch style home was popular and affordable, many were built quickly and according to a cookie-cutter formula. In later years they developed a reputation for being fairly dull and lacking in personality.

In Atlanta, many of our neighborhoods are home to the trusty ranch. If you own one, remember there are many ways to capitalize on the first floor layout with a second floor addition or partial addition. Often these homes can be found now in developed neighborhoods with sizable lots. The basic footprint makes it ripe for renovation. The style of the finished product can be almost anything. You have an almost blank canvas.

Often, clients are looking to make some changes to a ranch that don’t involve a full scale second floor. A family room addition off the back with a vaulted ceiling can provide a larger scale room for modern living. The front elevation of most ranches tend to be rather simple. A new portico or reworking an entryway can boost a ranches curb appeal and add some architectural charm.

Give us a call to talk ranch renovations. The possibilities are limitless.