Fall In Love With Your Backyard!


(Classic Chastain Park home porch addition)

Autumn is officially here! We’re spending our weekends tailgating with friends, grilling out on the patio, and finally enjoying enough cold weather to cozy up with blankets around a fire pit. As much fun as it is to go out exploring pumpkin patches and fall festivals, some of the best memories of the season can be made right at home.

(Morningside home with backyard dining addition)

If you’ve been dreaming of an outdoor space to make the most of your home and your family time, Home ReBuilders’ Atlanta design build team can make it happen! We’ll walk you through the styles of outdoor dining areas – including covered patios, screen porches, decks, custom-built awnings, porch additions, and more. We can even help dream up and build your outdoor gaming area – such as a bocce ball court, a playground for the kids, or an oversized chess set. Custom touches, such as outdoor lighting, a fireplace, hardscaping, an outdoor kitchen (with built-in wine fridge, of course), and planters will give your outdoor space a complete, cohesive look while inviting guests to eat, drink, and play.

(Morningside Tudor Craftsman backyard fire place addition)

An outdoor dining area can be a game-changer for so many reasons:

Deciding on a Kid friendly restaurant preventing you from getting “out”? 

It can altogether eliminate the challenges of getting the kids ready to go out to eat at a restaurant. Instead, you can go “out” to eat in your backyard!

Love to cook or have a dietary restriction you can’t easily find “out”?

If you love to cook, an outdoor kitchen can give you a new outlet to showcase your talents on the grill.

Does you family’s restaurant tab prevent you from going out? 

By having a special place to eat at home, your family will save money while still enjoying something different than dinner around the kitchen table.

Do you and the kids spend all your time inside working or at school?

It just feels more fun. Dining al fresco somehow feels more indulgent, more laid-back, and more lighthearted than dining inside. Plus, the magic of the fall season is that your backdrop will be gorgeously-hued leaves and crisp breezes.

None of the above reasons apply to you? 

It’s great for adding value to house

Home ReBuilders’ design build team of in-house designers and contractors can design the perfect outdoor dining space for your family, just in time for tailgating and autumn bonfires! This holiday season, the best place to grill some burgers, toast marshmallows, and make fall memories with friends and family could be right in your backyard!


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Home Design: Unplugged

Digital Detox: Transform Your Home Into an Unplugged Oasis

Does this sound familiar? You wake up and immediately reach for your phone. You scan the news, check the weather, glance at your calendar, and cruise through Facebook and Instagram. You spend your day in front of the computer screen at work or the iPad at home, and you might even browse your phone while watching a movie with the family or settling into bed. When did our lives start to revolve around our gadgets? While Home ReBuilders can’t help you break the tech habit, we can help transform your home into a “digital detox” oasis with a home design that encourages you to be fully present in each moment. How, you ask? Just Google it! (Kidding…). Here are some of our favorite ways to add moments of intentionality and thoughtfulness into our clients’ homes:

Get a master suite addition. There’s nothing like closing the doors to your master suite and feeling that you’re leaving the busy world outside. Your master suite could include a tub with jets for peaceful baths, a fireplace for some romance, or could simply be a TV-and-computer-free zone.

(Master suite addition to a Morningside Cottage)


Add a reading nook. In a world full of e-readers and online publications, it’s a rare pleasure to sit down and enjoy a good old-fashioned book. Home ReBuilders’ design build team can transform an awkward space in your home (an alcove under the stairs, or even a closet!) into a reading nook for you or your children. A custom bench seat, some bookshelves, and great lighting can make for the perfect spot to delve into a great novel. We can even install curtains around the entrance to your reading nook for extra privacy and tranquility.

(Attic conversion in a Morningside Tudor)


Transform a spare bedroom into a library. Ready to delve deeper into the smartphone-free lifestyle (at least for a few hours)? Our remodeling contractors can transform a spare bedroom or bonus room into a full-fledged library, with beautiful custom built-in shelving, unique architectural accents, and playful touches like a book ladder. An attic conversion can lend a library project with particular charm and intrigue, with its sloped roof and cozy setting. Go “Ron Burgundy” with a classic, old-school library that has many leather-bound books and smells of rich mahogany – or keep it clean and simple with a modern, minimalist feel.

(Atlanta attic renovation)


Convert your basement into an at-home gym or yoga studio. Exercise and meditation have been consistently found to improve our mental well-being. Home ReBuilders loves creating custom homes that help clients become healthier. We can convert your basement into a serious fitness zone; a tranquil, calming meditation/yoga studio; or a combination of both. This type of renovation could include custom mirrors, cushioned flooring, storage solutions for your fitness gear, and anything else that will help you exercise your way to serenity – and help with adding value to your house.

Create a tech-free playroom. Many parents say that they want their children to grow up having enjoyed and appreciated the simple pleasures that we experienced when we were children: reading, coloring, and playing with low-tech toys like Legos and dolls. Give your children a designated “tech-free” zone by creating a playroom without the gadgets and gizmos they’ve become accustomed to.

(Atlanta basement renovation)

Ready to unplug? Give us a call – no smartphone required!


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Statement Ceilings

In the mid-1900s, textured ceilings were all the rage. Popcorn ceilings, drywall swirls, and some patterns that young homeowners might never have even heard of (orange peel, anyone?) are a standard feature in many older homes. Modern homeowners have such a disdain for this trend that in recent years, smooth ceilings have become the only acceptable option for many people. However, things are “looking up” when it comes to new ceiling trends! Home ReBuilders has noticed more and more clients becoming interested in statement ceilings done right.

Here are just a few of the ceiling features that our remodeling contractors can help you with:

Wood Paneled Ceilings

Perfect for creating a calming, nature-inspired atmosphere, wood paneled ceilings add warmth and character to just about any room in your home. They’re particularly suited for your at-home library, a unique kitchen, or any room with large windows that seem to spill out into nature.

Exposed Beams

This trend has become increasingly popular as shows like “Fixer Upper” show how to blend rustic farmhouse style with modern architectural features and décor. Exposed beams look fantastic in a large living room, any room with a vaulted ceiling, or a kitchen. Nowadays, realistic-looking faux beam solutions make this trend more affordable and attainable.

Tiled Ceilings

A tiled ceiling gives you the freedom to play with and showcase your own personal style in an unexpected way. Tin tiles impart a worldly, exotic vibe into a sitting or dining area, while marble tile can help envelop your bathroom in luxury from floor to ceiling as part of a bath remodel. Modern tile choices are lightweight and durable, making them the perfect choice for a playful home design.

Accent Color

The accent wall is a tried-and-true way to add a pop of color to your home – but the next big trend is a bold accent ceiling. With a few coats of paint, you can completely transform the look of your room. A jewel-toned ceiling with matching furniture is a smart way to impress guests and make your home feel like it truly reflects your style, without breaking the bank. Or, consider a pastel ceiling hue for a touch of whimsy and wonder in a new baby’s room.

Crown Molding

While crown molding is nothing new, it’s easy to overlook if you don’t already have it. Crown molding adds a touch of elegance and a high-end feel to your home, without the investment of a whole house renovation or larger project. If crown molding is a little too traditional for you, consider a natural wood hue rather than the typical white molding to add some warmth and dimension to your home.

Daunted by the idea of such a unique project, or not sure what will work best in your home? Home ReBuilders’ design build team can help guide you through the process and figure out what ceiling trend is best suited for you. However you choose to outfit your ceilings, you’ll be surprised by just how drastically you can transform a room’s look and feel by focusing on this one area. You can enhance the look with dramatic curtains that draw the eye upward, upgraded overhead light fixtures that play nicely with your new ceiling, and furniture and décor that complement your ceiling.

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Bathrooms for Busy Mornings


It’s another busy weekday morning – the kids are scrambling to get ready for school, you’re prepping for an important work meeting, and your spouse is trying to get everyone fed and packed up for the day. If you’d rather brave SunTrust Park traffic during Friday rush hour than endure another chaotic morning in a cramped home, consider a bathroom addition or bath remodel to speed up your family’s mornings. Here are just a few of the ways that Home ReBuilders has helped Atlanta families make their bathrooms work for them:

Add a bathroom. Plain and simple – more bathrooms means less time spent waiting around for someone else to finish up! Help squash sibling squabbles by adding a second bathroom for the kids – or gain back some privacy with a “parents-only” bathroom as part of a master suite addition. You and your family will enjoy having an extra bathroom now and for years to come – and someday down the road, you may enjoy the ROI that comes along with this savvy investment.

Reconfigure an existing layout. Having one sink for two kids doesn’t make any sense. A pedestal sink can be a nightmare for those with a lot of toiletry and cosmetic products. A stand-up shower doesn’t allow for the relaxation of a full soaking tub. If your home’s bathrooms aren’t working for you and your family, consider changing the layout! Home ReBuilders’ offers a rare turnkey solution, with architects, designers, and remodeling contractors working side-by-side under one roof.

Personalize with special touches. Your bathroom is one of the first things you probably see each morning. Start your day with a little bit of luxury and set the tone for a calm, tranquil day ahead. Upgrading to porcelain or granite countertops, high-end fixtures, a new water-efficient toilet, stylish paint choices, and flattering lighting solutions can make a big difference! You won’t just be improving your bathroom – you might even improve the outlook with which you walk out your door in the morning.


With so many options to consider, designing a cohesive, functional bathroom can be daunting – but Home ReBuilders’ Atlanta design build experts are ready to walk you through the process from start-to-finish. With a beautiful, thoughtful design for every budget and every home, we can help you make sure your home’s bathrooms work for you!


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Atlanta Home Addition

Can you tell the difference between a home addition of ½ story vs. ¾ story?

The image below is a hand-style drawing by our architect, Don. One home has a ½ story addition, while the other has a ¾ story addition. Can you tell which is which? An informal Home ReBuilders survey showed that many people would say that the house on the right has the ¾ story addition – but it’s actually the home on the left!

Why are additions to a house such a popular project?

Many Atlanta families choose to get an addition because they’ve outgrown their starter home, but they just can’t leave the neighborhood they’ve come to know and love. For example, a young couple might love the convenience of their Virginia Highlands home, walking distance to Yeah Burger and Paolo’s – but they might have a baby on the way and need more space. Or, a Decatur family who loves their school district might need more room for growing middle-schoolers who need privacy and space to relax. An addition allows you to make the most of the home you’re currently in – and it can also be a financially savvy choice, too!

So, what type of addition is right for my family?

It depends! There are three basic types of additions if, like many city-dwellers with limited acreage, you’re considering going up vs. going out.

½ Story Addition: This option is best for families who just need a little more space and who want to be sure their home blends in with the surrounding neighborhood. Especially if you live in a historic area – say, if you have a 1920’s bungalow in Grant Park – you might want to consider a ½ story addition to assimilate into the look and feel of the original neighborhood. A ½ story addition can provide room for a home office, an extra bathroom,

¾ Story Addition: A ¾ story addition offers a bit more room to spread out, at a little bit of a higher price point. It’s a good compromise for those who want a second story addition, but who might not be ready to face the price tag of such a project.

Second Story Addition: The most spacious, and typically the most expensive – a full story addition is just what it sounds like: it gives you an entire second story, perfect for adding a home office or extra bedrooms and bathrooms. Home ReBuilders can even create a master suite addition in your second story! Our experienced designers and architects will make sure that your second story is integrated seamlessly into your current home design.

Do you have a little more acreage to play with? Home ReBuilders can also tackle your garage additions, porch additions, ranch conversion, custom homes, and whole house renovation projects. Whichever choice is right for you, Home ReBuilders’ design build experts can walk you through the process and help create the home of your dreams.


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Fixing Your Home Inspection Woes!

At long last, you’ve found your dream home! Everything about it screams “you!” – from the home design, to the location, to the beautiful fixtures and finishing touches. You wouldn’t dream of even changing a light fixture. This is the one! What could go wrong?

During your home inspection, plenty! Some houses that look perfect on the surface can have hidden issues lurking beneath. Unfortunately, this isn’t uncommon. In fact, once an inspector starts digging through each inch of your property, it’s surprising to not find any issues that need resolving. While some fixes are minor, many homebuyers uncover big issues when purchasing a new home – especially older homes. The good news is that Home ReBuilders has decades of experience working with homes of all ages and styles. We’ve found that most problems are solvable with a little bit of modern design build expertise – plus good, old-fashioned elbow grease! We’ve got plenty of both.

Once you get your inspection report, Home ReBuilders is here to help. Call us, email us, or take your report to Home ReBuilders and let us walk you through your options. Better yet, let us come out to your home, where you can show us the issues. We can discuss possible solutions, pricing, and timelines – and we’ll make sure that your new house is really the home of your dreams, from the inside-out! One of our experienced specialists will make sure that the renovation is as unobtrusive as possible and that your home will look just as good (if not better!) after we fix its “bones.”

Home ReBuilders knows how stressful the home inspection and purchase process can be, and the last thing we want to do is add to your worries. Renovation projects are notorious for being time-consuming and costly – but Home ReBuilders provides reliable, fairly priced work from a team you can trust. After all, we’ve been doing this for three decades! In fact, Atlanta Business Chronicle just named Home ReBuilders the second spot on their list of top Atlanta residential remodeling contractors! With state-of-the-art technical plans provided by our seasoned architects and designers, our experienced project managers, remodeling contractors, and carpenters will make sure your home has quality solutions that last.


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Atlanta Mudrooms

Mudrooms: Now With Less Mud!

A home’s entryway is an almost-universally chaotic space. Especially during the busy back-to-school season when your family is juggling carpool, extracurricular activities, and sports practices, your home’s entryway is prone to clutter, dirt, and general disorganization. While we might not be able to stop your kiddos from tracking dirt in on their soccer cleats, Home ReBuilders’ Atlanta design build team can create an entryway space that’s functional for you and your family!

A mudroom can be a lifesaver for busy parents, helping to create a designated home for backpacks, sports equipment, shoes, coats, and everyday essentials like grocery bags and dog leashes. For many families we’ve worked with, the addition of a mudroom solves a majority of their daily clutter issues. If your home doesn’t have a mudroom, Home ReBuilders’ design team can create one, either by building an addition onto your home or “borrowing” some space from a large garage. A knowledgeable Home ReBuilders remodeling contractor will handle all the necessary permits for an addition or for reconfiguring your home’s walls.

If you already have a mudroom and you’re still finding your entryway cluttered, let Home ReBuilders renovate it so that it truly serves your family’s
needs – just in time for the even busier fall entertaining season! We can creatively come up with ways to add more square footage to an existing mudroom – especially helpful if your family has grown over the last few years! Beyond just adding more space, our design build experts can add a big sink for muddy hands or a custom bathing area for your pet. Speaking of your pet, we can add built-in crates, as well as specialty shelving and hooks for all their food, treats, toys, and grooming items. We can also install easy-to-clean flooring to ensure that your daily maintenance is a breeze, plus built-in shelving for your stray bags, shoes, toys, and everything else!


Finally, if, despite your best efforts, your mudroom still becomes a little disorderly sometimes, we can help you keep messes out of sight by installing a large, stylish barn door that easily slides open and closed. Finally – an entryway that fools guests into thinking you’re as organized as you might wish you were!

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Bathroom Trend Update: This One is BIG!

At Home Rebuilders, many of our staff members are self-proclaimed “tilephiles.” What does that mean? In short, it means we love tile! We love its versatility, its strength, and its ability to completely transform a space in beautiful ways. Now that the kids are back in school and out of the house a little more often, it’s the perfect time to consider a tile change! The latest tile trend is one that we’ve eagerly hopped on-board with: large-scale porcelain tile. These tile slab sheets offer a chic, European spa vibe that will make you feel instantly relaxed and pampered as soon as you set foot in your bathroom! Aside from its beauty and style, there are a whole bunch of reasons why our design build experts are excited about this trend for bath remodel projects.


To start, large porcelain stone tile slabs are so easy to work with, and they continue to look great over time. They’re typically thin and lightweight, which means they can be installed easily on a shower or bathroom wall, making a huge visual impact without placing a lot of weight stress on your walls and floors. While natural stone is wonderful, its heavy weight can cause your bathroom floor to settle over time, creating an uneven surface – and can cause walls to sag. Lightweight porcelain ensures that your renovations last for years to come, while still providing you with the same aesthetic appeal of natural materials.

Large porcelain tile sheets are also are low-maintenance, minimizing the need for frequent scrubbing and cleaning. Because large slabs mean fewer grout lines, there’s less grout to keep clean. Your bathroom is more likely to look sparkling for a longer period of time, and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of grimy, gross grout. After all, wouldn’t you rather spend your time soaking in your tub than cleaning it?

Worried that your faux finishes won’t look as high-end as their traditional counterparts? Have no fear! Nowadays, manufacturers have become extremely savvy and technologically advanced. As a result, they’re able to offer faux stone and wood finishes that are incredibly realistic, yet engineered to be more durable and long-lasting in your home. These upgraded surfaces will elevate your home design and can even help boost your home’s resale value.

Ready to remodel your bathroom into a seamless stone haven with large format tile? Home ReBuilders’ remodeling contractors can transform your floors, countertops, shower walls, backsplashes, and more! The end result will be a streamlined, elegant room that you’ll look forward to using every day!


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Atlanta Curb Appeal

Any realtor will tell you that the number one quality of coveted homes is: location, location, location. What’s the runner-up?

If you asked Home ReBuilders, we’d say: curb appeal!

Curb appeal is hugely important if you’re considering selling your home. Buyers will get a first impression of your home the minute they pull up to the driveway – and once that first impression is made, it can be very difficult to change. However, even if you’re not planning on selling your home anytime soon, curb appeal is important. After all, if the first thing you see when you pull up to your home is a bland, outdated, or subpar exterior, it can affect your whole mood before you set foot inside. Why not allow yourself to feel cheerful and uplifted from the moment you arrive home?

Home ReBuilders’ team of architects, designers, and builders can give your home a facelift, making dramatic changes that will “wow” potential buyers, visitors, and even your family on a daily basis. With more than 30 years of expertise, Home ReBuilders’ team can accomplish this while also staying true to your home design and architectural style, ensuring that your home’s new exterior looks intentional and cohesive.

Not sure what’s possible with your home? Having trouble envisioning what your home might look like, or coming up with ideas for improvement? Home Rebuilders’ design build team is here to help! While your ideas and “wish list” are more than welcome, our seasoned design professionals have the knowledge, experience, and vision to imagine what your home could look like –even if you can’t! Here are just a few of our favorite ways to help add curb appeal to our clients’ homes:

-Add brick steps, shutters, awnings, landscaping, and a fence

-Install hardscaping, such as paths or walls

-Replace dated fixtures and finishes with more modern counterparts

-Light it up with outdoor sconces or a lit pathway to your door

-Give yourself more room with front porch additions

-Incorporate playful touches like a swing, planter boxes, or colorful front door

-Expand your front door to allow for a larger, more dramatic entry

-Let more light in by adding windows on the sides of your front door

-Get cars out of the driveway and into a covered area with a garage addition

-Completely transform your home inside and out with a ranch conversion or whole house renovation

…and much, much more!

Imagine how much more welcoming (and valuable!) your home will be with some added curb appeal – and let Home ReBuilders help you fully realize your home’s potential.

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Whole House Renovation: Peachtree Hills Edition


The home-buying experience can be a nerve-wracking one. You might scour MLS listings for weeks or months, look at dozens of houses with your realtor, endure gut-wrenching inspections and negotiations, and finally – at long last – the house is yours! That’s the end of the stress, right?


In many cases, wrong! While you might have chosen the very best home and neighborhood for your family and your budget, many new homeowners find themselves wanting to totally transform the house they just purchased. Cosmetic eyesores, like dated wallpaper, linoleum finishes, and questionable carpets, can be transformed to fit your family’s unique style and preferences. Barely-working appliances or energy-inefficient windows and insulation can also leave homebuyers with a lot of work to take on, but they offer a lot of room for cost savings and customization. The end result? Custom homes that truly reflect the lives of the families who live in them.

All these repairs can sound like a lot to tackle – and they are. Fortunately, that’s where Home ReBuilders comes in! Our team of design build professionals have decades of experience in seamlessly transforming newly-purchased homes into the buyers’ “dream home” through a whole house renovation. During this process, our friendly staff members will walk you through each step to listen to your wish list, your preferences, your budget, and your timeline. We’ll make sure that the home design maintains the integrity of your home’s style and time period, keeping any features or historic charm that adds character and value. However, any areas of your home that don’t fall within your “must-keep” list can be totally gutted, rebuilt, and customized with a layout and finishes that are HGTV-worthy!

This Peachtree Hills home is a current whole house renovation-in-progress, and we couldn’t be more excited to help the homeowners transform their “diamond in the rough.” By purchasing a fixer-upper in their ideal neighborhood, these clients are making the most of their budget and adding value to their house. After the renovation is complete, our clients will have their dream home in their dream neighborhood, and they’ll be able to take advantage of local hotspots like Treehouse, Atlanta Decorative Arts Center, Holeman & Finch, and more.


Does a whole house renovation sound like too much for you? Maybe your new home isn’t that bad, but it needs a few design touches here and there. Or, maybe you’d rather complete your renovation in phases, tackling one room every few years. Home ReBuilders would love to take on your bath remodel, kitchen renovation, garage additions, porch additions, attic conversion, master suite addition, and much more!


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