A Renovation for the Whole Family

Posted by Emma Weldon on February 24, 2017

Are you ready for a staycation every day? 

 What if you didn’t need a vacation to unwind? What if your favorite restaurant happened to be your own kitchen? What if relaxation and fun could be found in each moment of each day, in your own home? With a renovation, your Atlanta home can absolutely be a vacation spot. In fact, it can be one of the best vacation spots! Here are just a few ways you can transform your home into the most relaxing place around – and Home ReBuilders can help you make all of them a reality!


Revamp the Heart of the Home: Imagine having custom cabinets that actually fit your possessions (instead of forcing your belongings to fit into tight spaces!). How great would it be for your kids to have a homework station right in the kitchen, so can chat with them and help them while you cook dinner? What if you could host your friends and family for dinner parties, because you had enough room for everyone to gather? All of this is easily possible – and more! Whether your kitchen renovation is a standalone project or part of a whole house renovation, the end result will be a beautiful space where you can share food and memories with the whole family.

Get Your Grill: In Atlanta, patio season can start in March and last through October! When you can spend up to 2/3 of the year outside, it seems silly to not have outdoor dining and entertaining areas. You could add a grill to cook up burgers for the family, fun games like cornhole or a big fire pit to enjoy with friends, an outdoor TV to catch the big game, a built-in bar area for parties, or just about anything else you can dream up! Home ReBuilders’ design build team can create a rustic outdoor retreat, a cool urban oasis, or anything in between.5-Specialty-MorningsideExterior-4

Build a Home Movie Theater: Sometimes, the most relaxing way to spend an evening is snuggling with your partner while watching the newest episode of Westworld or catching up on House of Cards. With a home movie theater, you’ll get the ultimate indulgent experience – and family movie nights will never be the same! Let Home ReBuilders’ remodeling contractors handle all the details of your movie room: mounting your speakers, soundproofing, choosing the right finishes and lighting, and even installing multiple rows of seating, like a real movie theater! A home theater might just be so relaxing that you won’t mind watching Frozen or Finding Dory for the bajillionth time!

 We thrive on our clients’ creativity, so if there’s a dream project you’ve had in mind for awhile, give us a call! While there’s no substitute for taking a “real” vacation now and then, with the right touches, you’ll have everything you need to relax and make magical memories right at home.