Remodeling to Improve Daily Chaos

Posted by Emma Weldon on February 20, 2017

Parenthood: noun | par·ent·hood | \ˈper-ənt-ˌhu̇d\: An exhausting state of life when escaping for a few minutes of peace and quiet is a luxury.

 While it’s typically the smallest room in your home, your humble bathroom is responsible for some of the most critical parts for your day. The bathroom is where you get ready for work and prepare for a big presentation. It’s where you can enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet in the shower after a long day of wrangling the kids for errands and activities. It’s where we prepare the best versions of ourselves for the world to see – and it’s also where we shed our outer personas, cleaning off our makeup and hair products and spending some time with our natural selves. If you live in a busy, chaotic household with little ones leaving their toys and sticky fingers on every surface, a master bath might very well be the only place where you and your partner can truly retreat from the world. In that case, why not make your bathroom as relaxing, beautiful, and comfortable as possible?


A bath remodel – or a master suite addition – is a great way to create your very own oasis at home. If you’re already spending money on relaxation techniques like massages, spa visits, or yoga classes, a bath remodel could very well be a cost-saving measure over the long term! And if you’re not engaging in any of those relaxation techniques, then you might need a spa-like bathroom even more. Home ReBuilders’ team of design build experts can remodel your existing space or work on additions if needed. Because we guide clients through the entire process and use our own in-house designers, architects, and remodeling contractors, your home design will be completed without the miscommunications and delays that are unfortunately common in many renovation projects.


Here are just a few of the luxurious, indulgent, and totally worth-it projects that your bath remodel could include:

-Create a dual-sink vanity so you and your partner don’t have to fight for mirror or cabinet space

-Build a separate space (with a closing door!) for the toilet, keeping it away from from your bath and shower areas

-Install a huge soaker tub, perfect for relaxing in after a long day – or build a beautiful quartz bench in your shower for a moment of rest while you suds up

-Add a linen closet to create more storage and keep household essentials on-hand

-Incorporate luxurious touches – including beautiful floors, tile work, new fixtures, and even a steam shower, or additional shower nozzles!

Whether you’re envisioning your bathroom as an airy, open spa or a quirky retreat with charm and style, Home ReBuilders can help make the lowly bathroom your new favorite room!