Whole House Renovation: Peachtree Hills Edition

Posted by Emma Weldon on July 24, 2017


The home-buying experience can be a nerve-wracking one. You might scour MLS listings for weeks or months, look at dozens of houses with your realtor, endure gut-wrenching inspections and negotiations, and finally – at long last – the house is yours! That’s the end of the stress, right?


In many cases, wrong! While you might have chosen the very best home and neighborhood for your family and your budget, many new homeowners find themselves wanting to totally transform the house they just purchased. Cosmetic eyesores, like dated wallpaper, linoleum finishes, and questionable carpets, can be transformed to fit your family’s unique style and preferences. Barely-working appliances or energy-inefficient windows and insulation can also leave homebuyers with a lot of work to take on, but they offer a lot of room for cost savings and customization. The end result? Custom homes that truly reflect the lives of the families who live in them.

All these repairs can sound like a lot to tackle – and they are. Fortunately, that’s where Home ReBuilders comes in! Our team of design build professionals have decades of experience in seamlessly transforming newly-purchased homes into the buyers’ “dream home” through a whole house renovation. During this process, our friendly staff members will walk you through each step to listen to your wish list, your preferences, your budget, and your timeline. We’ll make sure that the home design maintains the integrity of your home’s style and time period, keeping any features or historic charm that adds character and value. However, any areas of your home that don’t fall within your “must-keep” list can be totally gutted, rebuilt, and customized with a layout and finishes that are HGTV-worthy!

This Peachtree Hills home is a current whole house renovation-in-progress, and we couldn’t be more excited to help the homeowners transform their “diamond in the rough.” By purchasing a fixer-upper in their ideal neighborhood, these clients are making the most of their budget and adding value to their house. After the renovation is complete, our clients will have their dream home in their dream neighborhood, and they’ll be able to take advantage of local hotspots like Treehouse, Atlanta Decorative Arts Center, Holeman & Finch, and more.


Does a whole house renovation sound like too much for you? Maybe your new home isn’t that bad, but it needs a few design touches here and there. Or, maybe you’d rather complete your renovation in phases, tackling one room every few years. Home ReBuilders would love to take on your bath remodel, kitchen renovation, garage additions, porch additions, attic conversion, master suite addition, and much more!


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