Posted by Matt Brooke on June 16, 2015

Mudrooms are humble spaces that have the power to reshape the way you and your family utilize your home. The essence of organization and having a place for everything and everything in its place can stem from the mudroom.

mudroom hooks

From an organizational standpoint, the mudroom is the logical space for coats, cast off boots, and dropped bags as one enters the home. The mudroom can also provide a convenient home for the trappings of modern life. Cell phone or laptop charging stations can be housed in the mudroom. Reusable shopping bags, overflow kitchen storage, miscellaneous sports equipment, the odd sunscreen or bug spray as one leaves the home, dog leashes and bags, and of course the house keys can all be stored effectively in a mudroom.

mudroom laundry

From a design perspective, the mudroom can be both utilitarian and have a stylish presence in your home. Wooden trim, paneling, bead board, exposed shelves, custom brackets, stained wooden countertop, antique brick flooring, slate tile, hardwood floor are all elements that can take a mudroom  and elevate this space to a more finished area of your home.