Details Create Value

Posted by Matt Brooke on February 23, 2012

Value is more then a cheap price. Value is ceated when the expected return surpasses the investment. Take this portico detail for example, the craftmanship in the cedar timber framing, in combination with the simple design elements makes this a very appealing assembly. Could it have been done cheaper? Absolutely. Would it have been as appealing? No. Does it add to the value of the home? Yes. Will it last the test of time? Yes.

The end result is that this is a very attracive front portico that will welcome guests to the home for years to come. It has increased the value of the home by adding to its curb appeal and charm and will be a low maintenance structure, having been built correctly the first time with the proper use of materials, and moisture protecting details and technology. Thus for a reasonable investment to the home, Home ReBuilders design and build team has added value to this home. Please visit bridgetopia for more on technology based solutions.