Bath Renovation

Posted by Matt Brooke on March 18, 2015

Bathrooms are big business in the renovation world. They pack a large return on your investment and when renovated, can improve your life on a daily basis. With busy lives and the current schedule of frantic running, a peaceful space to greet the day in the morning or quietly regroup at the end of the day can be priceless. Now priceless is a relative term as bath renovations are the most expensive spaces per square foot.

Tile installation is a messy job and a trade that requires true craftsmanship. The material itself can be costly and the quantities can be large, floor to shower or tub walls and sometime wall waincotting. Tile material can be a basic and classic mosaic sheet of ceramic or 6″ x 6″ tile and run $5.00 a square foot. Or tile can be handmade and imported with pattern and texture and cost $50.00 a square foot. The greater the detail in pattern and multiple trim pieces and edges can increase your tile labor.

Plumbing, toilets, faucets, tubs, etc. are also costly investments. Again, the range in product is almost infinite and finishes and availability can impact cost. Are you interested in a large soaking tub or maybe a spacious shower with multiple shower heads or a hand held sprayer? Do you like the easy of a single lever faucet or do you like the style of a classic hot and cold lever?

A bathroom also is asked to work hard and smart in its storage capacity. Towels, bathrobes, paper products, and all manner of lotion, soap and beauty supply need to be accommodated. Often a laundry hamper is housed in a bath. Sometimes televisions are wall mounted and hairdryers or curling irons need a hidden outlet, within reach but out of sight. One of the best design tricks is to install an electrical outlet in a medicine cabinet, easy with some preplanning. Now you have a spot, out of the way, to charge and store electric razors or toothbrushes.

Our kitchen and bath specialist is on duty at the office. She knows her way around space planning and can guide in material selection.