Atlanta Design Trend Update!

Posted by Emma Weldon on May 8, 2017

Tile Trend: Oversized Porcelain Sheets

10 years ago, granite was all the rage. Now, home buyers and renovators have moved beyond basic granite! The newest Atlanta design trend? Oversized porcelain tile sheets. Only ¼ thick, this tile can be used as a wall cover for your bathroom remodel or kitchen renovation. Here are just a few reasons why this big product is making an equally big impact in many Home Rebuilders homes!


Goodbye, Grout! Are you sick of scrubbing your grimy grout – or watching it get discolored over time? Flat-sheet porcelain tile removes the problem entirely. It’s a lifesaver in any area that’s susceptible to moisture and dirt – especially bathtubs and kitchen backsplashes! Plus, one flat sheet of material means there are no unsightly seams.

Natural Beauty: Man-made porcelain tiles that are designed to look like natural materials give you the best of both worlds: the durability of a modern product, with the calming aesthetic of nature. Neutral stone hues, as well as funkier gemstone-inspired options, allow you to take the best of the outdoors right inside your home. Try pairing porcelain tile sheets with other nature-inspired materials, like bamboo accessories or live houseplants, for a tranquil, Zen vibe indoors.

Modern Mood: In the days of magical tidying and minimalism, more and more people are discovering the joys of a modern home design. Porcelain sheets impart a clean, clutter-free appearance – while still looking enough like traditional granite for those who aren’t total minimalist converts.


No Stains, No Pains. Marble has become a stylish choice for kitchens and bathrooms, but it’s porous – which means it can get stained and discolored easily. Just a few spilled drops of wine can sink into the surface and stubbornly refuse to come out. That’s why many people choose veined or darker-colored marble in an attempt to hide these inevitable stains! For a cheaper price than marble (and about the same price as granite), porcelain is easy to care for and a lot more stain-resistant. Save yourself a whole lot of hassle and a little bit of money, too!

Oversized porcelain tile is quickly becoming a top trend among our home repair projects, and for good reason! If you decide to take the plunge, you’ll need to use a certified installer. Home Builders’ team of design build experts can help with that, and more! We’ll work with you to plan your design; take measurements to make sure your oversized piece will fit through your doors; handle ordering, transport, and installation; and help with any other renovation needs you might have.