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Posted by Emma Weldon on October 12, 2017

Digital Detox: Transform Your Home Into an Unplugged Oasis

Does this sound familiar? You wake up and immediately reach for your phone. You scan the news, check the weather, glance at your calendar, and cruise through Facebook and Instagram. You spend your day in front of the computer screen at work or the iPad at home, and you might even browse your phone while watching a movie with the family or settling into bed. When did our lives start to revolve around our gadgets? While Home ReBuilders can’t help you break the tech habit, we can help transform your home into a “digital detox” oasis with a home design that encourages you to be fully present in each moment. How, you ask? Just Google it! (Kidding…). Here are some of our favorite ways to add moments of intentionality and thoughtfulness into our clients’ homes:

Get a master suite addition. There’s nothing like closing the doors to your master suite and feeling that you’re leaving the busy world outside. Your master suite could include a tub with jets for peaceful baths, a fireplace for some romance, or could simply be a TV-and-computer-free zone.

(Master suite addition to a Morningside Cottage)


Add a reading nook. In a world full of e-readers and online publications, it’s a rare pleasure to sit down and enjoy a good old-fashioned book. Home ReBuilders’ design build team can transform an awkward space in your home (an alcove under the stairs, or even a closet!) into a reading nook for you or your children. A custom bench seat, some bookshelves, and great lighting can make for the perfect spot to delve into a great novel. We can even install curtains around the entrance to your reading nook for extra privacy and tranquility.

(Attic conversion in a Morningside Tudor)


Transform a spare bedroom into a library. Ready to delve deeper into the smartphone-free lifestyle (at least for a few hours)? Our remodeling contractors can transform a spare bedroom or bonus room into a full-fledged library, with beautiful custom built-in shelving, unique architectural accents, and playful touches like a book ladder. An attic conversion can lend a library project with particular charm and intrigue, with its sloped roof and cozy setting. Go “Ron Burgundy” with a classic, old-school library that has many leather-bound books and smells of rich mahogany – or keep it clean and simple with a modern, minimalist feel.

(Atlanta attic renovation)


Convert your basement into an at-home gym or yoga studio. Exercise and meditation have been consistently found to improve our mental well-being. Home ReBuilders loves creating custom homes that help clients become healthier. We can convert your basement into a serious fitness zone; a tranquil, calming meditation/yoga studio; or a combination of both. This type of renovation could include custom mirrors, cushioned flooring, storage solutions for your fitness gear, and anything else that will help you exercise your way to serenity – and help with adding value to your house.

Create a tech-free playroom. Many parents say that they want their children to grow up having enjoyed and appreciated the simple pleasures that we experienced when we were children: reading, coloring, and playing with low-tech toys like Legos and dolls. Give your children a designated “tech-free” zone by creating a playroom without the gadgets and gizmos they’ve become accustomed to.

(Atlanta basement renovation)

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