Fixing Your Home Inspection Woes!

Posted by Emma Weldon on August 31, 2017

At long last, you’ve found your dream home! Everything about it screams “you!” – from the home design, to the location, to the beautiful fixtures and finishing touches. You wouldn’t dream of even changing a light fixture. This is the one! What could go wrong?

During your home inspection, plenty! Some houses that look perfect on the surface can have hidden issues lurking beneath. Unfortunately, this isn’t uncommon. In fact, once an inspector starts digging through each inch of your property, it’s surprising to not find any issues that need resolving. While some fixes are minor, many homebuyers uncover big issues when purchasing a new home – especially older homes. The good news is that Home ReBuilders has decades of experience working with homes of all ages and styles. We’ve found that most problems are solvable with a little bit of modern design build expertise – plus good, old-fashioned elbow grease! We’ve got plenty of both.

Once you get your inspection report, Home ReBuilders is here to help. Call us, email us, or take your report to Home ReBuilders and let us walk you through your options. Better yet, let us come out to your home, where you can show us the issues. We can discuss possible solutions, pricing, and timelines – and we’ll make sure that your new house is really the home of your dreams, from the inside-out! One of our experienced specialists will make sure that the renovation is as unobtrusive as possible and that your home will look just as good (if not better!) after we fix its “bones.”

Home ReBuilders knows how stressful the home inspection and purchase process can be, and the last thing we want to do is add to your worries. Renovation projects are notorious for being time-consuming and costly – but Home ReBuilders provides reliable, fairly priced work from a team you can trust. After all, we’ve been doing this for three decades! In fact, Atlanta Business Chronicle just named Home ReBuilders the second spot on their list of top Atlanta residential remodeling contractors! With state-of-the-art technical plans provided by our seasoned architects and designers, our experienced project managers, remodeling contractors, and carpenters will make sure your home has quality solutions that last.


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