Buckhead Kitchen Trend Alert!

Posted by Emma Weldon on June 20, 2017

Kitchen Trend Update: High-Contrast Matte Sophistication

 Kitchen trends may come and go, but the newest Buckhead kitchen inspiration is timeless, sophisticated, and will look modern for years to come: matte finishes and modern, high-contrast kitchens are having a serious “moment.” Our Atlanta design build team has noticed this trend cropping up during industry meetings and in a variety of publications. How can you incorporate this look?

Mattify and Darken. Just as a classic pair of black heels imparts an understated elegance, matte black appliances look effortlessly chic. Paired with matte black cabinets, the look is dramatic and instantly impactful. More and more appliance manufacturers are debuting matte black options, which is likely to replace stainless steel as the “it’ kitchen finish.

Play with Opposites. An entirely dark, matte kitchen will look more Aadams Family than Buckhead. Home ReBuilders’ design build team can mix some lighter pieces into your home design, such as a bright farmhouse sink or a white brick backsplash, to make sure your kitchen looks balanced and intentional. Home ReBuilders can help guide the overall design and color palatte of your kitchen to ensure that each color and texture mixes well together for a cohesive look.

Have Some Fun. Matte finishes and neutral colors can easily cross the line from from “clean and sophisticated” to “boring and stuffy.” Home ReBuilders’ expert designers can help make sure that your kitchen still has some charm and warmth, even with a refined, minimalist approach. Patterned or textured tiles can play nicely alongside sleeker finishes, while a colorful rug can impart some whimsy and warmth into an otherwise monochrome area..

Keep it Grounded. While high-gloss hardwoods were once the coveted ideal, more and more homeowners are choosing to install matte hardwoods. Matte flooring tends to feel more natural and raw, conveying an earthy vibe that looks stikingly beautiful next to more modern fini  shes.  Plus, matte floors typically hide imperfections and dust better than their glossy counterparts, making them perfect for homes with children and pets.

While Home ReBuilders’ designer team stays current on the latest trends, they’ve also been around long enough to make sure your kitchen renovation will look timeless and serve your family’s needs over the long-term. Plus, our in-house team of Account Managers, designers, project managers, and  remodeling contractors work seamlessly together to ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget. Hiring licensed, trained professionals to create your stylish, functional kitchen with cutting-edge design trends? That sounds like a black and white decision to us!

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