Bathrooms for Busy Mornings

Posted by Emma Weldon on September 22, 2017


It’s another busy weekday morning – the kids are scrambling to get ready for school, you’re prepping for an important work meeting, and your spouse is trying to get everyone fed and packed up for the day. If you’d rather brave SunTrust Park traffic during Friday rush hour than endure another chaotic morning in a cramped home, consider a bathroom addition or bath remodel to speed up your family’s mornings. Here are just a few of the ways that Home ReBuilders has helped Atlanta families make their bathrooms work for them:

Add a bathroom. Plain and simple – more bathrooms means less time spent waiting around for someone else to finish up! Help squash sibling squabbles by adding a second bathroom for the kids – or gain back some privacy with a “parents-only” bathroom as part of a master suite addition. You and your family will enjoy having an extra bathroom now and for years to come – and someday down the road, you may enjoy the ROI that comes along with this savvy investment.

Reconfigure an existing layout. Having one sink for two kids doesn’t make any sense. A pedestal sink can be a nightmare for those with a lot of toiletry and cosmetic products. A stand-up shower doesn’t allow for the relaxation of a full soaking tub. If your home’s bathrooms aren’t working for you and your family, consider changing the layout! Home ReBuilders’ offers a rare turnkey solution, with architects, designers, and remodeling contractors working side-by-side under one roof.

Personalize with special touches. Your bathroom is one of the first things you probably see each morning. Start your day with a little bit of luxury and set the tone for a calm, tranquil day ahead. Upgrading to porcelain or granite countertops, high-end fixtures, a new water-efficient toilet, stylish paint choices, and flattering lighting solutions can make a big difference! You won’t just be improving your bathroom – you might even improve the outlook with which you walk out your door in the morning.


With so many options to consider, designing a cohesive, functional bathroom can be daunting – but Home ReBuilders’ Atlanta design build experts are ready to walk you through the process from start-to-finish. With a beautiful, thoughtful design for every budget and every home, we can help you make sure your home’s bathrooms work for you!


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