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Posted by Emma Weldon on September 20, 2017

Can you tell the difference between a home addition of ½ story vs. ¾ story?

The image below is a hand-style drawing by our architect, Don. One home has a ½ story addition, while the other has a ¾ story addition. Can you tell which is which? An informal Home ReBuilders survey showed that many people would say that the house on the right has the ¾ story addition – but it’s actually the home on the left!

Why are additions to a house such a popular project?

Many Atlanta families choose to get an addition because they’ve outgrown their starter home, but they just can’t leave the neighborhood they’ve come to know and love. For example, a young couple might love the convenience of their Virginia Highlands home, walking distance to Yeah Burger and Paolo’s – but they might have a baby on the way and need more space. Or, a Decatur family who loves their school district might need more room for growing middle-schoolers who need privacy and space to relax. An addition allows you to make the most of the home you’re currently in – and it can also be a financially savvy choice, too!

So, what type of addition is right for my family?

It depends! There are three basic types of additions if, like many city-dwellers with limited acreage, you’re considering going up vs. going out.

½ Story Addition: This option is best for families who just need a little more space and who want to be sure their home blends in with the surrounding neighborhood. Especially if you live in a historic area – say, if you have a 1920’s bungalow in Grant Park – you might want to consider a ½ story addition to assimilate into the look and feel of the original neighborhood. A ½ story addition can provide room for a home office, an extra bathroom,

¾ Story Addition: A ¾ story addition offers a bit more room to spread out, at a little bit of a higher price point. It’s a good compromise for those who want a second story addition, but who might not be ready to face the price tag of such a project.

Second Story Addition: The most spacious, and typically the most expensive – a full story addition is just what it sounds like: it gives you an entire second story, perfect for adding a home office or extra bedrooms and bathrooms. Home ReBuilders can even create a master suite addition in your second story! Our experienced designers and architects will make sure that your second story is integrated seamlessly into your current home design.

Do you have a little more acreage to play with? Home ReBuilders can also tackle your garage additions, porch additions, ranch conversion, custom homes, and whole house renovation projects. Whichever choice is right for you, Home ReBuilders’ design build experts can walk you through the process and help create the home of your dreams.


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